Palin, 5, GOP establishment, 0

Bernie Quigley, The Hill

[..] We are today at a generational shift and will see the passing of Clinton liberals and Krauthammer/Kristol conservatives going off the cliff together like Sherlock Homes and Professor Moriarty. As the Tea Party event in Nashville a few months ago, featuring Palin as head speaker, suggested a political folk revival in the American heartland, Rand Paul is the rough-hewn folk hero rising from that event. And no question, Palin is the Grizzly Momma of this group, the majority of whom are women.

This is good for conservatives, as the change presented is similar to that of the rise of the Jack Kennedy crowd in Boston’s Irish neighbors, scorned by the liberal Protestant elite and Eleanor Roosevelt in particular. Today Palin, the Conservative Party of New York, the Tea Party and Ron Paul libertarianism, which looks to the gold standard and Austrian economics, bring a rising force in an age that will soon be called “post-global.”

Kristol and Krauthammer can no longer sit back with a smirk and depend on the winged monkeys of the MSM to demolish the opposition for them. In NY-23, in Massachusetts, in Virginia, in the Texas primary and now in Kentucky we have seen the lineup of Cheney, Gingrich, Rove, Bush I and Bush II (by proxy) line up against Palin. The score so far: Palin 5, Republican Establishment 0.

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  1. The deed is done in the mind by association and language. On the eve of Rand Paul’s primary, she told MSNBC colleague Keith Olbermann that she was so psyched that she was just “vibrating in her seat”

    A revolting image. Perhaps Rachel was actually responding to the picture of Miss hezbollah USA.

  2. And I said, “Hello, Denise. I am Bucky Goldstein…”

    A joke and a son or a song and a joke?

    The song was written by Mark “Emo” Langbehn. Here’s his explanation…

    Back-story: The title is drawn from a Steven Wright joke, but I didn’t know it at the time. Michael Huskey was jamming with myself (Emo) and Adam S. and he made up this hilarious song called Bucky Goldstein. But we completely forgot how it went, except for the part about a bagel. Anyway, I wrote my own version trying to match how funny Michael’s version was.

    And now the joke…

  3. Steven Wright:

    One day I got on the usual bus, and when I stepped in, I saw the most gorgeous blond Chinese girl…I sat beside her. I said, “Hi,” and she said, “Hi,” and then I said, “Nice day, isn’t it?,” and she said, “I saw my analyst today and he says I have a problem.” So I asked, “What’s the problem?” She replied, “I can’t tell you. I don’t even know you…” I said, “Well sometimes it’s good to tell your problems to a perfect stranger on a bus.” She paused, then said, “Well, I’m a nymphomaniac and I can only be aroused Jewish cowboys…by the way, my name is Denise.”

    And I said, “Hello, Denise. I am Bucky Goldstein…”

  4. Okay Smartypants top this Dreidel rendetion

    I don’t know about that guy.

    He seems overtly Gentile.

  5. Loved The Dreidels! Might have been the best of the Best of the Motown era. But some will say that

    Another Jewish group called the Hebrew national Five were the best

    I’ve been so many places in my life and time
    I’ve sung a lot of songs, I’ve made some bad rhymes
    I’ve acted out my life on stages with ten thousand people watching
    But we are alone yeah, and I’m singing this song for you

    I know your image of me is what I hope to be
    I’ve treated you unkindly many times, but baby can’t you see
    There’s no one more important to me
    Baby, baby can’t you see through me
    We are alone, and I’m singing this song for you

    You taught me precious secrets
    Of the truth withholding nothing
    You came out in front when I was hiding (but you have nothing to hide)
    And now I’m so much better, and if my words, they don’t come together
    Listen to the melodies (listen to the melodies)
    Cause my love, ooh baby, cause my love, cause my love, ooh
    Is in there, ooh, is in there hiding
    Baby I loved you in a place (in a place, in a place, in a place)
    Where there’s no space or time
    (Baby I loved you) I loved you all my life
    You became a friend of mine
    And when my life is all over
    Remember when we were together, when we were alone
    And I was singing this song for you
    For only you, only you, ooooooooooooh
    I was singing my song for nobody but you

  6. First. how did you get all this by Teds Moat with gators swimming around? I get bumped for a lousy 4 liner with no links?

    It was the Four Tops.

    Ted loves Jewish music.

  7. First. how did you get all this by Teds Moat with gators swimming around? I get bumped for a lousy 4 liner with no links?

  8. We speak much of liberals, leftists and conservatives in this forum and we are forever defining and giving our opinions as to what are liberals and leftists but very little discussion and definitions are attached and given to the term conservative either in American or Israeli contexts.

    By the way I do agree with ayn re; Rand Paul. He is one scary dude. He will unite the old conservative Neo Nazi and klan groups with the more mainstream Tea Party crowd and that for America, Republicans and especially Jews should be red light territory.

    Here is Israel The left right divide is centered around who and what is a Jew and Judaism. The Israeli Left is consistent in its nihilism: they want atheist democracy instead of Judaism, to strip Israel of ideologically sensitive areas lest they become a rallying point for right-wingers, and to abandon security so that Israel will be forced to rely on gentile powers and dance to their tune. So, basically, leftists need to do nothing: they achieve their goals just by leaving things to their own. Normally, it is the other way around: right-wingers are conservative and tend toward inaction while leftists seek changes. Israeli right-wingers have to change the deeply entrenched leftist system. The only way to achieve that is to abandon misguided conservatism and adopt radicalism, the garb of those who wish to change their state. Take, for example, the Maccabees. Religious fundamentalists and arch-conservatives, they opted for utter radicalism and started a brutal civil war, which unsuspecting Jews now celebrate as Hanukkah.

    But look at the fake right-wingers who won the Israeli elections. It is unnecessary to speak of Likud, whose aims are as leftist as those of Meretz. Netanyahu subscribes to the peace process with minor modifications. In a sense, he is more pro-Palestinian than Meretz: while ultra-leftists just want to disengage from the territories, Netanyahu would also help the Palestinians develop economically.

    To keep the Temple Mount is a laudable goal, but is it rightist? What’s the point of preserving the place as a constant humiliation to Jews who pray at the support wall below while Muslims embellish their structures on the Mount? A right-winger—indeed any normal Jew—would tear down the Muslim shrines which pollute the Third Temple’s site.

    The fake right-wingers call to preserve Israel’s Jewishness. Israel’s what? What makes our state Jewish? If Arabs constituted half the population, what law they could conceivably enact to make the state still less Jewish? Muslim shrines occupy the Temple Mount, Arabs swarm Judea and Samaria and Small Israel, the Arab language is an official one, non-Jews constitute a third of the Israeli population, Judaism is thoroughly exorcised from state affairs, Jews are dying from attacks in larger numbers here than anywhere in the world, and the government treats them more harshly than Arabs. The only Jewish entitlement in Israel is to be ruled by Jewish political dregs.

    Only in the political vacuum created by the Kach ban could Likud and Yisrael Beitenu be regarded as right-wing parties. In reality, they represent a fearful centrist position of preserving some traces of Jewishness while abrogating its substance. If a true right-wing leader arose, the voters would see that Netanyahu and Lieberman are just slightly more aggressive versions of Barak and Livni.
    The real right-wing agenda is straightforward:

    – The Israeli state is rooted in Judaism. Thus, no paid work on Shabbat, no leaven on Pesach, and no homosexuals at any time. The state need not be ultra-Orthodox, but whatever the Torah says explicitly, we do.
    – Besides Jews, only converts (gerim) are allowed to live in Israel. Pagans (Thais, for example) are not allowed here even as workers or tourists.
    – Israel’s boundaries stretch from Suez to Litani, and from the Mediterranean to the Euphrates. We don’t push for those borders, but whatever we hold is ours forever.

    I have described Jewish Israeli conservatism, can anyone define with any exactitude what is an American conservative?

  9. Another great Jewish band.

    The Four Tops.

    Originally…The Dreidels.

    You’re sweet as a honey bee
    But like a honey bee stings
    You’ve gone and left my heart in pain
    All you left is our favorite song
    The one we danced to all night long
    It used to bring sweet memories
    Of a tender love that used to be

    Now it’s the same old song
    But with a different meaning
    Since you been gone
    It’s the same old song
    But with a different meaning
    Since you been gone

    A sentimental fool am I
    to hear a old love song
    And wanna cry
    But the melody keeps haunting me
    Reminding me how in love we used to be
    Keep hearing the part that used to touch my heart
    Saying together forever
    Breaking up never

    It’s the same old song
    But with a different meaning
    Since you been gone
    It’s the same old song
    But with a different meaning
    Since you been gone

    Precious memories keep a lingering on
    Everytime I hear our favorite song
    Now you’re gone
    Left this emptiness
    I only reminisce
    The happiness we spent
    We used to dance on the music
    Make romance through the music

    It’s the same old song
    But with a different meaning
    Since you been gone
    It’s the same old song
    But with a different meaning
    Since you been gone

    It’s the same old song
    But with a different meaning
    Since you been gone
    It’s the same old song
    But with a different meaning
    Since you been gone

  10. You liked them?


    Don’t Fear The Reaper, baby.

    Next thing you’re going to tell me is that ZZ Top isn’t Jewish.

    Well, don’t bother.

    Just look at them.

    If they’re not Jewish, it is a grim reality that they obviously regret.

  11. Blue Oyster Cult may have through the 70 and 80’s been mostly made up of Jews but they have changed personnel so many times since they began they wound up with almost every member leaving and replaced by non members of the tribe.

    You liked them?

  12. The Republican establishment is morally and ideologically corrupt, so the current GOP internecine warfare is a welcome development. A changing of the guard is essential if there is to be implementation of the conservative governing philosophy that has traditionally benefited the American people.


    Today Palin, the Conservative Party of New York, the Tea Party and Ron Paul libertarianism

    Ron Paul libertarianism is a cancer upon the conservative movement.

    Paul posits that American misbehavior is the catalyst for international conflict.

    His isolationism is simultaneously amoral and ineffectual, which is a really lousy combination.

    His law of the jungle economic policies are politically untenable.

    Check the election results of the last fifty years.

    Libertarianism = Political Oblivion.

    Libertarians are cultists.

    I much prefer Blue Oyster Cult, who just happen to be members of the Lord’s very favorite tribe.