Patrick Byrne drops HUGE bombshell on Biden corruption

On May 10, two days ago, Patrick Byrne was being interviewed by Emerald Robinson (start at 9min) about election fraud and in the last minute of that interview he made the following disclosure:

“I know something about the Biden corruption – all of this has been sent to the Congress.  I was sent to the Iranian govt about a year and a half ago on other matters, and in the context of that I became aware and was informed that Hunter Biden was reaching out to Iranian back-channel with this proposal: You Iranians have $8 billion frozen in a South Korean bank, and my father will sign to unfreeze it and return it in exchange for $800 million funneled into an account for us, and if you do this, it will lubricate the other discussions which have recently been started between us.  

By this, it was late November 2021, the Iranians took this to mean the recently restarted nuclear negotiations.  The Bidens were holding out their hands and saying ‘if you pay us this, you can keep ten nukes, you pay us this you can keep 20 nukes.  It was this kind of deal.  This was all being done thru the back channels thru the son of a minister of Pakistan, and I stole evidence.  I came home with the proof that largely corroborated this, about 40% of it, and within a week they let me know that all the story had been corroborated.  Biden has been selling us out to the Iranians thru Hunter Biden and Congress has it all”

On May 11, during a follow up interview between Byrne and Robinson, Byrne went on to provide greater context for this and even more explosive revelations.  He explains that he had connections going back many years in Iran and had on one occasion even been contacted by Qasem Soleimani ‘about a month before we wacked him…he wanted me to play an interlocutor role with the United States – I was the only American they trusted…[but] I said no’.  Similar to this, thru his Iranian connections, a year and a half ago, in September 2021 Byrne was contacted by the Iranians regarding a peace proposal.  Byrne again turned down the Iranian overture, but due to requests by the US government, an inter-agency group of about a dozen agencies centered in the FBI, he pursued the Iranian contact, during which he came into possession of the evidence implicating Hunter Biden in a quid pro quo deal with the Iranians.  Within a week of Byrne turning his evidence over to inter-agency group, they were able to confirm his revelations as being accurate, which partly led to a political backlash resulting in the group being broken up.

Prior to their dissolution, and unrelated to the Iranian venture, Byrne was also asked by the same inter-agency group to contact a ‘hacktivist group’ to recover some sensitive materials for them.  After collecting the hacktivist materials, Byrne found that it contained the forensic materials implicating Perkins Coie and their cyber hackers in trying to plant child pornography on Trump’s server during their Alpha Bank gambit back in 2016.

The revelations from the hacktivist materials and the Hunter Biden Iranian quid pro quo led to a political explosion between the FBI, Merick Garland and the inter-agency group.  Consequently, the inter-agency group was disbanded and its members were scattered across the country.  Two members of this group became the whistleblowers who contacted Congress and have been followed up by many others.  Byrne has reason to believe that the materials he handed over to the inter-agency group, both related to the Hunter Biden Iran deal, as well as the material from the hacktivist group, were destroyed by Garland.  After receiving copies of the materials from the hacktivists, along with a copy he made of the Iranian evidence, Byrne handed copies of the material believed to have been destroyed to Congress two days ago and is currently in Washington speaking to them about the matter.

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  1. From Patrick Byrne: Between 8% and 20% stuffed ballots:

    From November 4, 2020 people fought for access to the election systems in Detroit and five other cities. Access was blocked in all. But some good citizens have been using freedom of information act requests, and accessed Detroit. Noted CEO/forensic scientist Erich Speckin has confirmed their findings in this report: of the mail in ballots, everything is a hot mess. Machines have been zeroed out. Somewhere between 8% and 20% were stuffed. Enough evidence of counterfeit paper to justify an investigation, Speckin asserts.

    Back in November 2020, Sidney Powell and other attorneys got sanction for asking that these be inspected. She was sanctioned, and lost one appeal. Her final appeal is Monday, August 7. Now that this report is out, it’s going to be interesting to find out whether our judicial system is so corrupt that it will uphold a sanction for filing motions to look at ballots… that we now know, were somewhere between 8% and 20% fraudulent.


    See Speckin’s report here

  2. From Patrick Byrne:

    I shall clarify an earlier statement: on August 4. I expect a very important piece of information to be finalized. It should reach the public no later than August 7, if not August 4 itself.

    Less than two weeks.

    In another tweet, he describes it as

    an Inchon-like event < 2 weeks. Encirclement, baby.

  3. From Patrick Byrne:
    DHS Domestic Extremist #1 Patrick Byrne Comes Clean

    My most revealing post ever. Now you know… the rest of the story. Please spread widely, as in our Information War, this is a hypersonic missile. Only chance you have to strike with it is now

    The most comprehensive telling of Patrick Byrne’s story yet, where he takes all the small bites he has fed us over the past few years and linked them into a single telling while providing greater granularity and detail about most aspects of his journey which many will already be familiar. It also provides some insights into the observations made by Byrne as these events were unfolding around him and due to his own actions. Perhaps the most important part of this interview is his response to the question of “If the election was stolen, where is the evidence?” which begins on page 67.

    Another interesting revelation was that while Byrne was seeking seclusion in Indonesia in summer 2019 following the fallout of his role in the Maria Butina saga, he was given an assurances by, among others, Bill Barr that it was safe for him to return to the US.

    Byrne also discusses a great deal more detail about his relationship with Barr (see page 71) and how Barr’s disposition went from fearing a totalitarian takeover of the country in July 2020 to him purposefully shutting down all federal investigations into the election fraud while lying about the DOJ conducting dozens of investigations into the election.

    Byrne also relates more details about his relationship with Qasem Soleimani which is related to him gathering the recent intelligence about Hunter Biden’s pay-for-nukes arrangement with the Iranians (see page 30).

    In includes an intro by Gen. Flynn (page 6) in which he certifies Byrne as being a national intelligence asset, something which Byrne provides additional proofs in the text (see page 26 and 46). He discuses his family history and young adulthood and relationship with Milton Freeman and Warren Buffett (first 20 pages). He provides greater detail about his association with the US govt and the Senate Judiciary Committee (pages 27 and 40, respectively). He discusses the role he played in fomenting the basis for peace between the US and Vietnam (see page 27) and how and why Jack Vessey, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, became interested in him (begins on page 27). He also relates having worked on behalf of the Obama govt (page 83, not much detail). A large portion of the interview revolved around Byrne’s interactions with Maria Butina, and he comes back to this topic a number of times (begins on pages 32, 49, 76, and 85), and the interview actually ends while revisiting Byrne’s culpability in using Butina to trap the Deep State.There is a great deal more in this retelling of the Patrick Byrne story, and it is well worth the time to read it. It is about 80 pages long, but I found it to be a much quicker read than the length suggests – it took me about two hours.