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  1. . Over the past few decades, the leaders of Israel brought into the Jewish State the greatest enemies of the Jewish people, and then systematically increased their power right under the noses of the Israeli citizenry, swearing all the time that they were doing this to produce ‘peace.’ This is not easy. It is difficult. Israeli leaders are masters of their game.

    What are they doing? There is only one word for it.

    Soon, there will be genocide.

    The Israeli government cannot be run by idiots Why not no sane rational leader would do what they have done and are still doing.

    Two choices either they are traitors or idiots. Since they stand to be incinerated with the rest of us I opt for them being idiots first and then unable to dig themselves out of the political holes they dug for themselves revert to the double crime of being idiots first and then traitors…

    In any-case if they are shown to have brought disaster upon us they are all dead meat. Some of us will survive to off them wherever they escape to. They should know that up front.