Prediction: Olmert to resign in two months

According to Yoav Yitzchak: PM Olmert’s Crimes Worse Than Previously Reported

( Investigative journalist Yoav Yitzchak reports that the ongoing investigation against Prime Minister Olmert in the Bank Leumi Affair is yielding damning evidence of crimes punishable by active jail time. The report contradicts recent assertions by PM Olmert’s associates that he is unlikely to be charged with crimes.

Yitzchak, Israel’s most prominent investigative journalist, says police investigators have unearthed evidence implicating Olmert not only in fraud, as was originally publicized, but also “fraud in aggravated circumstances,” which carries an additional two year jail sentence.

Yitzchak said that police sources had revealed to him that Olmert was questioned on additional charges of fraud and breach of trust.

If Olmert is convicted, Yitzchak says, he could serve from three to five years of active jail time for each of his crimes. Yitzchak quoted the sources as saying that police “without question” have enough evidence to indict Olmert on both charges.[..]

I foresee some kind of deal before the end of the year, where Olmert resigns for the good of the government to be followed by a contest for who will head the government, Livni or Barak.

Olmert has become a liability by the left wing establishment and he will be jettisoned probably with a sweetheart deal. For precedents you can look to Katzav or Nixon.

October 21, 2007 | Comments Off on Prediction: Olmert to resign in two months

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