Safeguarding Democracy – From MK’s Undermining it

The Legal Forum for the Land of Israel

Following the Knesset’s decision to bring forward the General Elections next week the Legal Forum is preparing an appeal to former Supreme Court Judge Elyakim Rubinstein – Head of the Central Elections Committee requesting the Committee disqualify MK’s who in the past term of office acted to encourage terrorism and participated in acts of violence against soldiers of the IDF from running for office again.

Attorney Yossi Fuchs, one of the Legal Forum’s leading activists has already submitted a request to disqualify MK Ahmad Tibi following his speech congratulating suicide terrorists and their acts of violence.

The Legal Forum is requesting the disqualification of MK Hanin Zuabi who in May 2010 participated in the Flotilla to Gaza which ended in a violent conflict between participants of the Flotilla and soldiers in the IDF. Ten soldiers were injured, 9 activists were killed. Zuabi accused the state of Israel of massacre and used her immunity as an MK to take part in terrorist action, and also called upon the Arabs to retaliate against the state of Israel. There have been several other incidents where Zuabi spoke publically against Israel with regard to the terrorist attack in Borgus and the Iranian nuclear threat.

In the past, the Legal Forum has contacted the State Attorney regarding MK Sayid Nafa who participated in a support rally for Bashar Assad in Haifa.

Attorney Hila Cohen from the Legal Forum wrote “MK Nafa must be disqualified following his participation in a rally supporting a tyrant and dictator who is suspected of committing terrible crimes against humanity. An MK who publically supports a figure like this cannot feign freedom of expression. There is a clear limit to the cynicism and the stretching of freedom of expression regarding the support of violence and terrorism.

The Legal Forum is also examining the possibility of requesting the disqualification of parties such as Balad and other parties who reject the existence of the state of Israel as a Jewish state. This action is vital in order to protect the state of Israel as a Jewish and democratic state. It is not possible to protect a democratic state when there are MK’s who are working from within to harm it. The Legal Forum will continue to act against those who are using democracy in order to destroy it.

A clear reminder of this is the case of former MK Azmi Beshara . His candidacy for the 16th Knesset was disqualified by the Cental election Committee based on a basic law which states that a person acts or supports acts of violence or a terrorist organizations activities against the state of Israel may not run for the Knesset. However the supreme Court overturned the decision and he became an MK again.

In 2007 it emerged that an investigation into MK Beshara’s activities was underway, (he had already fled the country) and he was suspected of supplying the Hizbollah with details of strategic places to fire rockets and missiles.

Non Jewish MK’s who act to destroy our state are harming not only the state of Israel but many members of the Arab population who live in Israel and wish to live in Israel as law-abiding citizens. These citizens deserve to have worthy representatives who will protect the law and not harm the country and tarnish sectors of the population.

On a different note, this week Supreme Court President Asher Gronis accepted the Legal Forum’s request to ensure the Hebrew date is stated on any official court documents as is required by law.

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