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  1. I have always found it so incredibly ironic that leftist candidates in Israel’s political system need the Israeli Arab vote to get into office. I think Peres went a step further in that he is trying to base an economic empire on the potential of a so-called Palestinian entity to create wealth. His reasoning is probably, “The whole world supports this entity – as a means to prevent the state of Israel to become a world power [as the Bible says it would, and Satan knows the Bible] – so how can I go wrong?”

    In fact, the Oslo thing soon became one big moneymaking scheme for everyone who jumped on the bandwaggon! I’m sure Rabin got himself killed for opposing this.

    During my volunteering days as Christian Zionist in Israel, I often needed to live in the cheapest places I could find, namely Muslim Arab hostels around the Old City in Jerusalem. The best one was the Faisal outside Damascus Gate at 25 shekels a day for a dorm bed, that included free internet access and free tea and coffee. This was (is still) for the benefit of the international activists and anarchists they catered for. The manager was the one who arranged demonstrations for them against the Zionists – the fence etc.

    Meanwhile I was running my Zionsake Biblical Zionist sites from there, but of course, not advertising the fact. The management nevertheless knew what my views were, but still allowed me to stay there, that I appreciated. I needed to restrain myself from getting into debates, but I did sometimes with discretion, since it offered a means to minister the WORD to people, for instance, that the Bible actually talks about this “whitewashed wall” and the “whitewashers.” I often asked them, and this brings us back to Peres, “If the PA were a business, would you invest in it?” This question followed my telling them that this PA is like a bottomless pit and “how can they be a state without having an economy?”
    I can go on and on …!

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