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  1. Well… Now the only thing we need is a real Jewish government in Israel. Nothing else.
    President Elect Trump so far has more than proven his change of direction from the disastrous Hussein Administration.
    Lets see what if any changes on Mr. Netanyahu’s plans become evident.

  2. This is the most welcome news ever! Had this conference succeeded, Israel would have been obliterated off the map. Can’t wait for the Trump presidency to pronounce truth to power. Shalom, all those who love peace, liberty and eretz Israel! Shalom.

  3. Russia’s FM Lavrov did NOT attend, metaphorically knee-capping Kerry on Fri the 13th:

    MOSCOW (Sputnik) – Ambassador to France Alexander Orlov will represent Russia at this weekend’s Israeli-Palestinian conflict settlement conference, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said Friday.

    “Another attempt to confirm these [UN-adopted settlement] documents will be at the upcoming conference in Paris, where our Ambassdor in France will participate,” Lavrov said at talks with Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) secretary-general Saeb Erekat. Lavrov reiterated Moscow’s position that “the need to move toward direct negotiations between Israel and Palestine is overdue.” Israel refused to take part in the Sunday, January 15 conference, saying that it preferred to hold bilateral talks directly with Palestine. Moscow is still ready to host talks between Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu whenever the sides are willing, Sergey Lavrov said. “As you know, we were ready to host the leaders of Israel and Palestine in Moscow back in September last year. We are ready at the current moment, as soon as both sides will be able to confirm their willingness,” Lavrov said. Speaking alongside Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) secretary-general Saeb Erekat, Lavrov expressed worry over the “frozen” state of Israeli-Palestinian talks and vowed to assist in launching direct and substantive negotiations.

    Read more:

    In other news, POTUS Trump first foreign trip will be to Iceland, with a Putin meet.

    I wish someone was keeping track of all the meetings at TrumpTower we do not hear about, but FM Boris Johnson was there before the Paris Conference.

    The French must feel like it is Waterloo, 1815 all over again…good.

    Without a phone log, still bet Kerry’s call to PM Netanyahu on Friday about no new UN resolutions came after Lavrov’s announcement.

  4. 96 hours to go until 12:00 Noon EST. may Trump bless and protect Israel and may Israel bless and protect Trump and USA.

  5. @ Sebastien Zorn:

    I have never understood that the Knesset has Arabs and obvious Jew-Haters in the Knesset. I genuinely dont understand it. Israel is tiny enough geographically, the Arab/Mohamedanians have 50 + countries they occupy now, why does Israel, the Homeland of Jews share their TINY country with the killers ?

    PS: making the posters go through a little maths test below probably limits the number of islamists to post here 😉 good one !

  6. If May means what she states, then she should coordinate the move of the British embassy with Trump to Jerusalem.
    This conference was a touristic/culinary promotion!

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