the Doner’s have it ass-backward

By Ted Belman

Sec Rice is off to Paris to announce at the Doner’s Conference an aid package of $500 million to the Palestinians, subject to congressional approval, as part of an effort by the doner’s to meet the sum of $5.6 billion demanded by Abbas to cover the next five years.

Let me say this about that.

The Europeans have been funding opponents of Israel for decades even if they are terrorists. They know that this funding goes toward the undoing of Israel.

The US is now proposing to join the pack. Nowhere in the US pledge is there any apparatus for accountability nor is there a precondition that terror and incitement stop. That says it all. The US condones the terror and incitement. Not only is it not insisting that it stop immediately, by giving money it is enabling it, and even encouraging it, to continue.

The US is wrong to accept the principal that terror will only reduce by bettering the lot of the Palestinians.

So long as it is rewarded and condoned, it will continue.

December 15, 2007 | Comments Off on the Doner’s have it ass-backward

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