The Orwellian “Islam is Peace” campaign


Islamic groups in the UK have launched the slick “Islam is Peace” public relations campaign, which supporters say is aimed at showing that Muslims are ordinary British citizens.

But as Robert Spencer reports, its actual aims and rhetoric line up well with many jihadist goals.

Watch video where Spencer explains how.

October 17, 2007 | 4 Comments »

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4 Comments / 4 Comments

  1. Ask any indigineous Arab who claims Pali Nationality some questions? what were the Historic borders of Palestine ? 100 years ago, 500 years ago 1000 years ago and so forth. Who were the Pali leaders of Palistine during ea. of these periods? what was the nature of the political governments during the Long Pali History? What was their currencies? who were their National Heroes and Villains? What Pali Literature existed from Past history to today. What cultural, and scientific contributions have the Palis given to the World? What military victories and defeats did the Pali nation experience through out their professed long history?


  2. “Islam is Peace” on a London bus? Is memory so short? Probably it is, *sigh.*
    (tov, it’s too late to take back the word “Palestinian,” the Arabs, so good at propaganda slogans, redefinition of terms, and rewriting history, have indeed convinced the world to use the word to describe Arabs who live in or are descended from people who at any time lived in Israel or the disputed territories; true that was never the historical use of the word and the adjective Palestinian applied to anything or anyone pertaining to the region, Arab or more often, nonArab, but this semantic battle is over, and Israel lost it.)

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  4. again what is a palestinian? I am an educated man so what the fuck is Palestian please tellme!i know the answer!they don’t fucking exist!

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