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technopeasant • an hour ago
IBD/TIPP daily tracking poll (11/7):

Trump: 43.1% (-0.9)
Clinton: 40.7% (-2.3)
Johnson: 6.3% (+1.3)
Stein: 2.2% (+0.2)
Other: 2.4% (+0.8)
Und: 5.3% (+0.9)
DT+ 2.4 (was DT+ 1.0 yesterday)
technopeasant • 3 hours ago
LA Times daily tracking poll (11/7)
Trump: 48.0% (-0.2)
Clinton: 43.2% (+0.6)
DT+ 4.8 (was DT+ 5.6 yesterday)
Complete demographic margins:

Males: DT+ 16.5
Females: HC+ 6.6
18-34: DT+ 0.6
35-64: DT+ 4.1
65+: DT+10.9
Whites: DT+22.4
A/A: HC+ 84.7
Hispanics: HC+ 3.1

High school: DT+15.4
Some college: DT+ 10.5
College degree: HC+ 11.2
< $35K/yr.: HC+ 14.8 $35K--$75K/yr: DT+ 14.6 >$75K/yr: DT+ 9.4

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  1. @ yamit82:

    Tour comment tags Babushka as he, rather than as she, which is what I would expect from someone who sports a feminine moniker.

    Was all the above based on a typographical error? If not, please tell me what you know, that I may be able to respond correctly.

    Arnold Harris, Outspeaker

  2. @ stevenl:
    seems many Dems think Bill (thru HRC) will bring back the 90’s economy where everyone who wanted a job actually got one.

    yeah, no one can really explain that wrong direction >70% poll with either Obama’s approval rating, or the bizarre possibility that HRC could win.

    such is the legacy of 40 years of teaching K-12 to NOT question anything. or know anything.

    sooo depressed.

  3. If > 70% Americans want change of direction and Hillary wins it will imply that many among the democrats misrepresented their opinion!

  4. @ yamit82:

    1) If Trump, the result will be a blessing both for the USA and the American nation, and Israel and the Jewish nation. And chances are, a lot more than that. If so, toda l’El.

    2) I don’t know how to respond to Babushka’s endless Israpundit provocations any better than I have tried to date. These back-and-forths are approaching the status of wasted time and effort.

    Arnold Harris, Outspeaker

  5. @ babushka:
    Poor thing, probably has perfect pitch. Nice how Lassie comes to the rescue at the end.*

    “Doctor, if I consent to this surgery…”
    “If. If I go through it. Will I. Will I be able to play the violin?”
    “Why, of course, you will.”
    “Awesome. You know, I’ve always wanted to play the violin.”

    “Despite having one of the oldest and biggest movie industries in the world, the all-time favorite movie there is the 1940’s Hollywood Classic, “Lassie, Come Home.”

    Especially, in the cities founded by Indian Jews, Deli and New Deli.

  6. If this poll is correct…Trump wins tomorrow! The only thing is I only see this poll here! Maybe the left keeps it hidden…oh well. Let’s see what happens tomorrow.

  7. @ babushka:
    BB, I never book wagers, and I would certainly never do so in any game of chance. My games are:

    1) Chess, which I have played for about 75 years, and has nothing to do with luck, unless you are playing against a fool. I like best to play chess with people whom I consider almost certain to beat me. That way I have learned from experts, a little at a time.

    2) Gun range accuracy + speed matches. I am a trained and certified gun range safety officer for pistols and automatic weapons. I was also a basic training cadreman serving at a large stateside base in the US Army during the closing months of the Korean War.

    3) The only spectator sport in which I have had any interest at all was major league baseball. When I was a kid in Chicago, I regularly spent afternoons in the grandstand at Wrigley Field, hoping the Chicago Cubs would win a National League pennant and go on from there to win the baseball World Series. That, as all America knows, took place last week, the only such season since 1908.

    Why don’t you learn to be somewhat more polite? Some of your writings have the tone of an out-of-tune violin. If you try such an approach, chances are that more people might possibly be swayed by some of your political arguments.

    As for putting my money where my mouth is, I never give speeches, and I communicate more or less exclusively in writing.

    Arnold Harris, Outspeaker

  8. Leftists continue to try to incite with false claims of antisemitism by the Trump campaign. Latest is in the DailyKos email of today. The left is absolutely despicable.

  9. Measured data and harbingers of outcomes:

    1) Trump holds a 5-point lead in the USC Dornsife-LA Times “Daybreak” tracking poll.

    (This organization has more than proven its unique polling measures in past elections, partially because they assign 0-100 percentages for likelihood of voting for a specific candidate, rather than merely indicating it as all other polls do.)

    2) Trump is even with Clinton in the Rasmussen poll. But Rasmussen says that Trump has been holding a 10-point lead among voters who say they already have made up their minds for either Trump, Clinton, or the two minor candidates.Thi

    (The above data suggests that Clinton is still searching for votes, but that Trump already has his votes locked up.)

    3) Rasmussen polling data says 39% of voters agreed with Comey’s first decision not to indict Clinton over the email scandal. But 53% of voters say that Comey should have asked for an indictment of Clinton.

    (Why would that same majority vote for a candidate whom they think should be indicted for unlawful activities?)

    4) In and around highly-liberal Madison WI’s far west side, Hillary Clinton signs have been disappearing from lawns otherwise festooned with yard signs for Russ Feingold for Senate and others for Democrats seeking seats in the Wisconsin State Legislature. My wife and I also has seen in the same liberal front yards the same signs as described above, but with one sign urging re-election Obama and Biden, and other signs indicating None of the Above for president, but supporting all other Democrats.

    (I classify the above as a harbinger rather than a provable fact, but none the less, a useful indicator.)

    Arnold Harris, Outspeaker