Trump seems to be losing it

By Ted Belman

I loved Trump’s platform but now he is losing it.

1. Flynn was forced to resign and we don’t really know why. Rather than replace him with a like thinker, e.g. Frank Gaffney Jr, he was replaced with his opposite, Gen McMaster. Trump has never explained why the switch. Flynn saw Islam as the enemy and wanted to defeat ISIS and its ideology. McMaster believes Islam is a religion of peace and that ISIS is not Islamic.

2. Trump started out looking for alternate solutions to the Arab Israeli conflict and allowing Israel to build. In pursuit of same he announced that his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, as chief negotiator. He got pro- settlement, Amb Friedman installed and appointed Greenblatt, an orthodox Jew, his peace emissary. Then promptly undermined them and his original platform. He appointed Rex Tillerson, a proponent of the two-state solution, as his Secretary of State. He left in office Obama appointees who had key roles in Obama’s policies re the peace process and the Iran deal. And he himself has doubled down on trying to get a peace agreement.

3. He failed to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem as he promised.

4. After arduous negotiations, he entered a secret understanding with Netanyahnu to limit settlement construction to an undisclosed number and to agree to not annex land from Area C. He further got Netanyahu to offer, as yet undisclosed gestures, to the Palestinians.

5. He condemned the Iran deal in the strongest terms and swore to contain In’s quest for hegemony. To this end he has done little so far. He also indicated that he wouldn’t set aside the Deal but would enforce it. No small thing.

6. He wanted to negotiate a solution to Syria, particularly with Putin, but little has been accomplished. To be fair, this is a work in progress. The Chemical attack has made it an urgency.

7. Last I heard, he decided not to outlaw the Muslim Brotherhood. Big disappointment.

So what is going on? Did Trump switch gears because he was not really committed or because he was forced to do so to get support from Congress, the State Department and the Pentagon?

At least he appears to be on track to prevent the UN from bashing Israel. No small thing.

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10 Comments / 10 Comments

  1. relax. there are priorities. domestic issues must be addressed. healthcare, tax reform, infrastructure, supreme court, other appointees, etc.
    in the interim trump will make a deal with china with respect to korea. then the ayatollahs will be replaced one way or another. then say goodbye to the PA.
    will be interesting to see whether trump will sign the june waiver for the embassy…
    the PA is being suckered in.
    btw: if you were abu mazen today, how would you feel?

  2. is trump anything but a fool in spivs clothing? his ambassador has not yet arrived in JERUSALEM, guess first stop will be beach front in T.A. class would have dictated he be in ISRAEL for JEWS 1st recognized festival which ends with the words maybe ‘Next Year In Jerusalem.’ at least king grease ball looked up to trump. surprised they never gave him something to stand on so he could eyeball to eyeball. trump is gonna want a lot before he gives a little. he could even chapter 11 ISRAEL.

  3. It’s hard to believe President Trump has been “switching gears”. In many cases, the supposed “gear shifts” are from forward to reverse — hardly a logical move, while the vehicle is in motion.

    I suspect that Trump is being manipulated by his Democrat son-in-law (Jared Kushner), who had an eleventh-hour conversion to the Republicans in order to weasel his way into the White House. He is young, incredibly ambitious, and, through Ivanka, more closely connected to Trump than possibly anyone.

    Up until now, most pundits have seen Kushner and Bannon as the real powers in the White House. With Bannon having been pushed out, possibly with Kushner’s nudging, only one power is left.

    Is it coincidence, that the occupier of 666 Fifth Avenue is the rising star in Washington? Of course it is! If I thought otherwise, I would be labeled a conspiracy nut. I wouldn’t want that.

  4. Forget Trump. Forget Kushner. They are not the problem. Netanyahu is the real problem in making Israel subservient first to Clinton then Bush then Obama and now Trump. When will Israel find a leader who will stand up for an independent, proud and sovereign Israel and who will stop trying to appease the USA and the world.

  5. Notice that no one even notices the ongoing failure of the American Jewish establishment to ever challenge our government when it screws Israel. This makes it easier to betray Israel because there is no political price to pay.

  6. I believe Jerry has it right. Netanyahu has failed to push for muscular independence from US two-state solution. While Israel has done wonders in medical technology, it’s weapon technology success is too focused on defensive missile technology and cyber. However, little has been done regarding weapon manufacture, stockpiling and inventory so that when the next war comes with Hizbollah/Iran and Hamas, Netanyahu will not be forced to cave before victory due to weapons/ammunition depletion and dependence upon US resupply. Former Defense Minister and mentor to Netanyahu, Moshe Arens, was exactly right when his call for independent armaments manufacture in Israel went unheeded.@ oldjerry:

  7. The truth is Trump has always had a bunch of ill-conceived, poorly-informed ideas and no political savvy. He got elected as an expression of people’s discontent with Obama’s naive foreign policies and the slowness of recovery from the ’08 recession. All of sudden he is beginning to learn what political pressure is all about and his bluster is receding like the tide.

  8. @ Dennis:

    Israel Turning to Other Arms Sources Amid Uncertainty of U.S., EU Sales
    Israel’s Western weapons sources are no longer a sure thing; Haaretz found that former Soviet republics are pitching in.
    read more:

    Israelis Apache Helicopters Replacing American Missiles
    January 19, 2017 Said:

    However, little has been done regarding weapon manufacture, stockpiling and inventory so that when the next war comes with Hizbollah/Iran and Hamas, Netanyahu will not be forced to cave before victory due to weapons/ammunition depletion and dependence upon US resupply.

  9. @ mikewise:
    On every issue you cited, Trump’s policies are awful.

    His vocal support for infrastructure projects (i.e. “public works”) deserves special dishonorable mention.

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