Turning America’s Melting Pot Into A Boiling Pot

T. Belman. The goal of the globalists is to upend sovereignty. George Soros who declared, “Sovereignty is an anachronistic concept.” Soros, who considers himself “a citizen of the world,” says, “the principle of sovereignty stands in the way of outside intervention in the internal affairs of nation-states.”

In my article Can the UN impose a solution on Israel?, I wrote:

While the Charter pays lip service to national sovereignty by pledging to maintain “the sovereign equality of all its Members,” for no one would have joined otherwise, it is all about limiting such sovereignty.”

By Rachel Ehrenfeld The Daily Wire*

President Biden, known for embellishing his political and personal records, has never bragged about his cooking skills. He should have. It took “Chef” Biden just two and half years to transform America’s melting pot into a boiling pot.

The reformation of U.S. immigration laws is long overdue. Instead of proposing legislative changes to Congress, however, the president is ruling by fiat, issuing executive orders contradicting and violating the Constitution and the criminal code. Citing “compassion” as its pretext, the administration uses so-called “temporary humanitarian programs” to allow millions of economic migrants — many with unverifiable backgrounds from virtually every country on the face of the earth — to enter the United States. Any criticism is met with denial and slander of “racism” and “fascism.”

Not only does President Biden refuse to protect the country’s southern border and enforce existing immigration laws, but he and members of his administration also seem to brazenly and continuously lie about their actions, undermining the internal and national security of the country. The administration’s refusal to enforce the law also facilitates the activities of Mexican and international criminal cartels that earn billions of dollars by tracking humans and drugs into the U.S.

Judging by the flagrant violation of the laws governing U.S. immigration and border protection, it seems President Biden agrees with his mega-supporter George Soros who declared, “Sovereignty is an anachronistic concept.” Soros, who considers himself “a citizen of the world,” says, “the principle of sovereignty stands in the way of outside intervention in the internal affairs of nation-states.” He even proposed a “modification of the concept of sovereignty.” Unsurprisingly, soon after Biden took office, Secretary of State Antony Blinken invited envoys from the United Nations to “collect information” on racial discrimination in America and offer recommendations on how “to address the history of racism, slavery, and colonialism through a wide range of reparations measures.”

When Soros professed, early on, that he planned to change the U.S., he did not reveal that his end goal was to undermine the national sovereignty of his adoptive country. Beginning in 1996, with a $50 million investment in the Emma Lazarus Fund, Soros sought to challenge U.S. immigration laws. His efforts have contributed to the far-Left globalist open-borders policies we are witnessing today.

Twenty years later, in 2016, when the Obama administration issued a “Call to Action” asking U.S. companies to play a bigger role in meeting the challenges posed by forced migration. At the time, millions of refugees from the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and South America were pouring into Europe and America. Soros responded by earmarking “$500 million for investments that specifically address the needs of migrants, refugees, and host communities” in Europe and the U.S.

Since then, he has allocated many millions more, often in partnership with the United Nations, the European Council, and other international and national organizations and businesses, castigating critics and opponents of his constant meddling in sovereign countries’ domestic policies. Where did the money go? How much of it bolsters organizations that advocate increasing illegal migration?

How many illegal migrants have entered the country since Biden took office? The official figure of 6.2 million released by the administration is unreliable. The administration denies the borders are open. Instead, it keeps telling the public that there is no immigration crisis and to disregard the videos documenting thousands of aliens crossing the Rio Grande daily and to pay no attention to the airplanes and buses transporting the illegals under the cover of the night throughout the country. However, according to a recent Politico headline, “Biden officials are publicly touting the lack of a migrant surge. Privately, they’re scared.” If the policies they execute scare them, they should speak up and resign.

How many unaccounted “gotaways” disappeared into the country? According to the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) estimate last May, “over a million gotaways completely evaded border inspection and law enforcement.” How do they know? How many “criminal noncitizens” have been arrested by the U.S. Border Patrol since Biden occupied the White House? How many illegal migrants have committed crimes throughout the country where ICE is banned from operating? How many “noncitizens” were among the criminals who attacked, stabbed, raped, killed, carjacked, or ran-over pedestrians? How many of these “noncitizens” burglarized homes or robbed and looted businesses? Since Democrat-run states and cities limit police activities, eliminate bail, redefine their criminal code, and don’t identify criminals’ citizenship status, it’s hard to tell.

Instead, the Biden administration allows millions of illegal migrants into the country, many of whom reject “American values,” speak no English, are semi-literate or illiterate in their native language, and have no money or skills for jobs other than manual work. Many are afflicted with contagious diseases that have long been eradicated in the U.S., such as tuberculosis, polio, and even malaria. Yet, these illegals are often sent across the country without prior notification of the local authorities. Many find their way to different locales throughout the country, imposing huge financial burdens everywhere they settle, requiring increased expenditures on housing, healthcare, education, law enforcement, transportation, and other services, which, according to FAIR’s June report, costs taxpayers “$150 to $163 billion and counting,” all the while endangering the public’s health and safety.

Tom Homan, former Acting Director of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, accuses DHS Secretary Mayorkas, of continuously dismantling “the federal government’s ability to enforce immigration law.” Homan summed up the problem, saying, “It truly is a broken system, and that’s because it is broken by design. People that say this administration has failed on immigration don’t understand. Biden and Mayorkas haven’t failed at all. Quite the opposite, their plan is succeeding.”

Homan may be right. Their plan, which increases chaos and lawlessness, serves the globalists’ agenda of ending U.S. sovereignty. Armed with a $25 billion war chest, Alexander Soros, the new chair of the Open Society Foundations and “one of the World Economic Forum’s Young Global Leaders,” promised increased funding for hardline Democrats’ elections, including Biden’s reelection campaign. This all but assures that “Chef” Biden will have the ingredients he needs to turn what once functioned as the world’s melting pot into a boiling pot.

Rachel Ehrenfeld is the director of the American Center for Democracy and author of The Soros Agenda.

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