US continues to pressure Israel

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Oslo, Wye, the “Road Map,” and Now the “Benchmarks”: The US Tries again to Bring Peace by Forcing Israel to Make Concessions and the PA to Hold Photo-Ops

By Susan Rosenbluth, Editor
The Jewish Voice and Opinion

At the beginning of May, the Bush administration handed Israeli and Palestinian leaders an eight-month timetable setting specific dates—some of which have already passed—for steps both sides must take to push the peace process forward. The timeline demands that Israel remove its security roadblocks from Palestinian areas and allow Palestinian bus and truck convoys to travel unimpeded between Gaza and Judea and Samaria.

The timeline gives dates for PA President Mahmoud Abbas to deploy his forces in an attempt to implement a halt to the terrorist Qassam rocket fire from Gaza into Israel.

The US plan demands that Israel approve and support, in an “immediate and ongoing” manner, US requests for weapons, munitions, and equipment for PA forces loyal to Mr. Abbas.

“The eight-month timeline calls for a series of steps that resemble the ‘confidence-building measures’ laid out in the tattered Road Map plan, another US initiative which Israel began to carry out and the PA basically ignored,” said Hana Levi Julian of Arutz Sheva. CONTINUE

May 17, 2007 | Comments Off on US continues to pressure Israel

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