US warns Israel on next phase of war

T. Belman. Bastards. How is Israel supposed to win the war if protecting the civilians is first and formost. Rules of War say that so long as we are targeting  Hamas, we are not responsible for collateral damage. Biden is screwing us. What did he promise Hamas for making this deal?

Israel must have a plan to protect the civilians in southern Gaza before proceeding with the war, says U.S.National Security Council Spokesman John Kirby.

(November 22, 2023 / JNS)

The White House says it won’t support Israel’s plan to expand its operations into the south of the Gaza Strip unless it shows it will protect the Palestinian civilians there.

In a Tuesday press call, U.S. National Security Council Spokesman John Kirby said the United States won’t support Israel “moving forward with operations in the south absent a clearly articulated plan for how they’re going to protect the lives of the hundreds of thousands of people” there.

“There’s an obligation for them to factor that into their planning,” Kirby said.

The NSC spokesman noted that the population in the south of the terror-run enclave has swelled as Israel ordered the northern population to flee southwards. It’s “even more incumbent” on Israel to “protect those civilians who moved at their urging,” said Kirby.

Israel ordered approximately 1 million Palestinians living in Gaza City to move south on Oct. 13. “This evacuation is for your own safety,” the Israeli military said in a warning sent to civilians as it ramped up its efforts to eradicate Hamas terrorists in the northern part of the Strip.

“We were glad to see that they set up safe corridors in the north for people to get out of the fighting there in north Gaza,” said Kirby.

The evacuation was slowed by Hamas targeting civilians to keep them in harm’s way, calculating that Israel would be held responsible for civilian deaths.

On Nov. 13, a month after calling for the civilian evacuation, Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant said Hamas has lost control of the Gaza Strip.

It is estimated that the IDF’s next operational step will be to head south in Gaza, following a temporary ceasefire to free some of the 240 hostages captured by Hamas on Oct. 7 during its invasion of southern Israel.

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8 Comments / 8 Comments

  1. If the Israeli government complies, the war cannot be prosecuted and the mission will be aborted. The Israeli people deserve much better.

    I believe a new paradigm is necessary both for the success of this war and for achieving peace after the war. I think Israelis consider that everything changed after 10/7/23, and because of this, the Western powers are going to need to change their perspective on many issues.

    For one thing, the Biden administration is arguably responsible for the massacre given all the money and empowerment given to Iran and the other Islamist groups in the mIddle east. His behavior towards Israel has been more the behavior of an adversary, not the behavior of an ally.

    Going forward Israel should not take orders on prosecuting the war from the US government. Any western government that seeks to empower Iran and the genocidal Palestinian people should not expect to give orders or even suggestions to Israel.

    Israel has fought wars and won them without help from the US.

    From this point forward, the Western powers need to recognize that the Palestinian people are not the responsibility of Israel. They are the responsibility of their leaders. If President Biden wants to turn to other Arab leaders for help with the Palestinians he is welcome to, but these people cannot be rescued by Israel as they are all potentially adversaries; an indeterminate number of them actually took part in the massacres or cheered the videos of the massacres.

    Israel needs to be clear from now on: the countries that support Israel’s enemies are enemies of Israel. The Palestinian people are the enemy of Israel. No country on earth has the right to tell Israel how to protect Israelis.

    Just as it is crucial to know the difference between good and evil, and that Hamas and their Palestinian supporters are evil, so are countries that support them and Iran. These countries cannot act as if they are friends of Israel and then turn around and betray Israel at their first opportunity. By the way, this has been standard operating procedure for the West in their relationships with Israel since 1948.

    The Israeli people are watching: they cannot and will not tolerate a government that allies itself with the enemies of the Israeli people.

  2. The US government is simply trying to appease Iran. They must be getting significant baksheesh for this. If Israel is not getting their cut of the baksheesh, they’re simply suckers at the expense of all who died and the hostages.

  3. Perhaps we should remind “the administration” of the US of what took place in Hiroshima and Nagasaki some years ago.

  4. The corrupt and corrupting US govt has rarely played the role of Israel’s ally, and certainly this has been true under the current regime. The US realignment with Iran has always been the guiding element in US involvement in Israel’s response to the Simchat Torah Massacre. Their goal is not to facilitate an Israeli victory, but to prevent an Iranian defeat. They are not committed to Hamas’ destruction, but to Hezbollah’s preservation. The bear hug in which Israel is held fast should be seen more clearly to be being caught in a bear trap and is only motivated to control her options and preserve America’s real ally, Iran. The US is no more Israel’s friend today than they were on October 6 of this year or any time earlier than that. The only exception to this was during the Trump administration when Israel truly did have an ally in the US.

  5. Why did Israel cravenly submit to the Biden-Blinken plan to rnd Israel’s offensive against Hamas and leave Hamas as the government of Goza? The Israel government is a bunch of craven, self-destructive cowards, forever willing to obey any and all of “Uncle’S” commands.

  6. Simple. Blow up the Egypt border fence along Gaza and tell them to head South. Egypt will squawk but eventually will restore ties. If they don’t, so what. Its not like Egypt will declare war on Israel.