Video: Our Plans to Destroy the World

by Akiva of Mystical Paths

According to history, on July 18, 1925, which was the 26st of Tammuz, 5685, during the 3 Weeks (of mourning), the evil book Mein Kampf (My Fight) was published by a modern Amalek and Haman, Adolf Hitler (may his name be erased).

In this book, this man gives a complete account of how he would build a world shaking army, destroy neighboring nations, commit genocide and ensure racial purity. No one believed him, and foreign language editions (English) even edited out the unbelievable portions.

As we all know, he then went on to build a world shaking army, destroyed neighboring nations, committed genocide, and caused a World War.

Today, the leader of Iran has described how he will build world shaking weapons, destroy neighboring nations, commit genocide, and ensure religious purity. Do you believe him?

Here, in this video
, we see exactly what he intends to do. No need to read the book, here’s the movie edition. Here’s the brief edition: Nuke Israel, the US, and Europe. (Don’t get distracted by the swastika, that’s a representation of Europe.)

Hear that carefully, NUKE ISRAEL, THE US, AND EUROPE. The Jews are at the top of the list, but they’re not the end of the list. Note the guy with the beard and turban sitting there is the world religious head of Shia Islam.

February 3, 2007 | Comments Off on Video: Our Plans to Destroy the World

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