Why is Omeish “a respected community leader”?

The Washington Post gives us the full story including links to incriminating videos in Muslim on Va. Commission Quits After Videos Surface

The words of demeanor of this Muslim as seen on the videos are outrageous.

When reading the article, note the affiliations of the Muslim in question, Omeish, in order to understand how mainstream he is at least in his community. How could such a person’s attitude escape Governor Kaine’s radar system? Perhaps because the Governor was a Democrat who was looking for Muslim support rather than looking to protect America from Jihadists.

The worst the Governor could say about him was “Dr. Omeish is a respected physician and community leader, yet I have been made aware of certain statements he has made which concern me,”

How pathetic. Here was a wonderful opportunity to denounce such views. Rather he chose to downplay them as only of concern and to confirm that he was “a respected physician and community leader”.

It is safe to assume that Omeish is respected in the Muslim community because of his views and not in spite of them. Also note worthy is the fact that he is a Muslim doctor. No surprise there.

September 28, 2007 | Comments Off on Why is Omeish “a respected community leader”?

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