Will the Knesset vote for it or break up?

Ma’an Exclusive – 8 point declaration of principles being thrashed out by Israelis and Palestinians before autumn summit

Bethlehem – Ma’an – Exclusive – Ma’an News Agency has received from an Israeli source exclusive copy, written in Hebrew, of the points which are being crystallized as a declaration of principles between Israel and the PLO before the autumn summit, expected to be held in November in Washington.

The following is an exact translation of the 1 page document:

“The Israeli leadership and the PLO leadership must immediately get involved in an operation which once completed will lead to the establishment of two states – Israel and Palestine. Relying on a basic declaration of principles and understandings as follows:

1. Israel to ends its occupation of the West Bank in a given period of time. Gradual withdrawal and evacuation of Israeli settlements. Each evacuated area will be turned over to the Palestinian Authority where law and order will prevail. And law and order will be established in Gaza as part of the process which will enable Israel to see the West Bank and the Gaza Strip as one political entity.

2. An unarmed Palestinian state within the 1967 borders. The specific details of the borders will be determined according to security needs, demographic developments and humanitarian requirements. This will pave the way to for an equal territorial exchange. Israel will keep some settlement blocs and maintain geographic contiguity in Palestine and horizons for economic prosperity.

3. There will be two capitals in Jerusalem, one for Israel and one for Palestine. The Israeli neighbourhoods will be under Israeli sovereignty and the Arab neighbourhoods under Palestinian sovereignty. There will be cooperation between both authorities which will allow for better
administration of people’s lives.

4. Special arrangements will be prepared to secure access to Holy places for all religions. A special administrative authority will be established to organise access of both people to Holy places in the Old City of Jerusalem.

5. Palestine to be declared a national homeland for the Palestinian people and Israel to be declared a national homeland for the Jewish people.

6. A just solution to be agreed on for the problem of the Palestinian refugees with recognition of their suffering and understanding of their individual right within the framework of a comprehensive solution.

7. Both sides to declare the end of conflict and endeavour to gain public support as much as possible and both sides to do their best to cooperate against any aspect of terrorism and violence from either of the two states against the other.

8. Both sides to consider this agreement as being in accordance with the principles of the peace initiative proposed by the Arab League. Both will call the Arab League to positive steps towards full implementation of that initiative. They will also call on the international community and the International Quartet to intervene and provide aid in different ways to push the agreement forward.

This declaration must be agreed on by both the Israeli and Palestinian sides before the US-sponsored autumn peace summit. It will then be proposed and documented as international resolutions, the statement read.

After the autumn peace summit reaches a detailed agreement Israeli will start to withdraw and start to evacuate settlements in the West Bank and complete the negotiation process and gradually implement what has been agreed, the statement added.

The veracity of Ma’an’s report could not be ascertained.

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  1. Yamit

    You are right Ireland is very small fish. But the Celts and the Jews were wandering around long before there were Brits or Americans like Bush. I like the Irish people, like I love all ordinary people of any country, but not the political class today.

    The issue of Yugoslavia is that it showed up the true face of US Imperialism when something stands in its way. It is the ruthlessness that I try to explain to my Jewish friends. Milosevic was poisoned murdered by them, no question about that, ABSOLUTELY NONE.

    On this issue of my use of the word Imperialist to describe the US, the EU etc. Capitalism is by nature competitive that is its essence, so of course they all have pretensions of grandeur. But the US is it today in the field of power.

    But I do not mean it is all powerful. It would like to be.

    No there is nothing good about the US ruling class. The American people are a wonderful people but I have seen too many crimes committed by the US rulers.

    The list is long.

    Israel, its opposition to Israel well documented by many

    The Holocaust was a terrible blow against the Jewish people. We must find a way to avoid that or anything like that. There is NO guarantee from anywhere on earth that the Jewish race may not be wiped out.

    Even their own ingenuity does not guarantee that. An ingenuous brave and committed people can still be wiped out.

    The only guarantee then is a supernatural guarantee. But I urge not to depend on that. I think that one is chancy.

    The conference in the US in the Autumn may be the biggest blow struck yet against Israel, worse than OSLO though a continuation of that.

    Which is why we talk and debate.

    At present I see great need for the main Jewish national parties like Liebnecht, Eiderfeld, Eltad, Netanyah, Feiglin Ruth Matar, the religious groups and especially the settler movement, the survivors from Gaza, all to come together formally in a great movement to defeat the Olmert Livni wing.

    The main thing in this is that each puts forward their political programme so that it can be opened up for discussion. In that way the ordinary Israeli can begin to learn more about politics on the national side, the differing shades and views and so can begin to lrearn politically.

    This is a tactic Trotsky put forward in 1933 and if followed it would certainly have stopped Hitler.

    So it is a different thing here in Israel, because there is no socialist revolutionary spokesman in Israel.

    Not a single person who would say they have understood Trotsky’s position and will fight for that.

    So if there is a discussion to take place THAT component will be misisng.

    I have explained a little on this site why he was correct, but not really one single taker or offer of support.

    So it would be a discussion without any voice, NOT ONE, from the viewpoint of revolutionary socialism as an answer.

    Yet I still promote the idea of discussion.

    I do this because I believe in the Jewish national revolution and I am committed to it.

    This was roughly Trotsky’s position.He advocated the Jews just getting to Israel, out of Europe, and he supported their country, WITHOUT CONDITIONS.

    You may understand how hurtful it has been for me to see this man slandered by people who call themselves Jewish. It has been hard to take.

    Thanks for your contribution. You talk in a down to earth manner.

  2. Felix, all I did was to attempt to put some flesh on Olmerts moves and motivations. Sharon under like circumstances did pretty much the Same.. All our Leaders and Politicians when they get in personal trouble and or their poll numbers are way down will try to divert the media and then public opinion away from the real Items on the policical menue of the day, week or months. Entertainers use this method all the time to divert their publics attention from that which they don’t want you to see. Its called slight of hand. While I know personally some of these low lifes, I have no inside information and any opinion I may put forward is based on my knowledge of both Israel and American peoples and societies as well as the Unique political systems of each. I do however view Bush as an Idiot albeit a powerful and dangerous Idiot. I also thought Clinton and Gore as well as Joe Lieberman as also fools albeit powerful and dangerous fools. So where do you figure that I am optimistic? If America is Imperialistic?so what any country today who has the mil. and economic power will also be imperialistic. The Irish and the Mexicans can’t be imperialistic but they would if they could! and so would any other country in the world. I think on balance though that I would prefer an American imperialism to just about any other counties Imperialism. You really have it in for the Americans could it be coming from Ireland a country of no consequence like Luxenburg or Belgium or Holland or Romania etc. except for the people living there who cares a twit about them. Inconsequential is what I would term most of them and Europe as a Whole. I would predict the Fall of EU much before I would predict your Doom and Gloom for America. The law of Averages would say that at some time the American and world economies will fail this is called Boom and Bust cycles and we are now living in a long , I would say very long Boom cycle, so a Bust cycle is overdue. Again the Laws of economics and the Law of Averages. I also grant you that anyone having the foresight and insight might avoid the overdue Bust that will surely come but no single event I believe will trigger it.

    In my believing that Bush is a fool and an Idiot how does that translate into disarming the Jewish people?
    I agree with your insight though that I am in all probability selling all of them short and this makes me the fool of sorts, Ok so be it but I also don’t for a moment believe That Bush and or the Jews orchestrated 9/11 attacks, nor do I believe in Santa nor the tooth fairy either. The nations of the world have been actively and passavly been trying to destroy the Jewish people and their religion and their god since 3500 years ago. And Hey Felix look around you we are still her and Thriving, you might also say. If we could have outlated Christianity, Islam, Hitler and Stalin not to speak of all the Arabs I think we will outlast somehow Bush Quartet, Olmert and and our own Hellenistic Jews. It is only a matter of the price to be paid by us not our destruction.
    Pls. explain how Move On, will disembowll Israel ?
    The conference is a done deal as long as the Saudis are in and I don’t see what can be done to stop it unless we go to war with Syria in the interim. Here we might have some opportunity and possibility!

    Serbia is hard for me to digest, I have a built in problem with slavic names and Its hard to follow on an adhoc basis, but I like the Serbs and the Bulgarians and I know some few here that I like and admire as individuals. I also have little sympathy for nations and peoples who will not fight for their national rights and have thrown in the towel. That the Serbian model may at some time be used as a precedent against Israel I concede. That Kosovo gives Islam a strategic beach head in the underbelly of Europe I also concede. But I also don’t see much we here can do about it as we have more fundamental issues before us. Remember one thing though we have the Power and Serbia didn’t. We can impact the global situation by holding firm and defeating the immediate threats to our existence here.
    We will also find that leadership after all else fails, It is only the price we will pay in the interem!

  3. Yamit

    The aspect of what you say, that Olmert is using this to delay his own prosecution, you know this better than I, and that indeed rings true.

    But Yamit, what you leave out is that these things always have many layers and here your analysis is totally deficient.

    What you leave out is that the US Government has got an overall strategy which is to form a close alliance with Islamofascism in order to prepare the ground for the coming enormous crisis of capitalism, which I believe, and more to the point, THEY BELIEVE, will centre on a collapse of credit. We have the FIRST signs of this in the US Mortgage Market, which has reverberated through Europe.

    The US elite know this and prepare. In short Yamit you sell them short.

    You treat above Bush etc as weak and a fool. In actual practice you are disarming the Jewish people.

    You would do much better to turn your attention to the promotion of this US elite in its war in Iraq by Bill Levinson on this site, which war is going to leave in power in Iraq a pro Iran Islamofascist state, so threatening Israel in the mosty serious manner. By his support for Bush in the war Levinson under cover of opposing Move On prepares the downfall of Israel from this US ruling class.

    I mean Yamit that is going on at the CENTRE of Israpundit. So what is left if this is not seen clearly.

    Yamit you completely do not understand what is happening. Your analysis is simplistic and leads into a silly form of fake optimism when you do not deal with this drive to destroy Israel through this Arab cum US Government November conference BEING HELD IN THE UNITED STATES in Noveber.

    There is no fool like a silly fool Yamit and you are being that here.

    You leave out what I believe about this document which the Olmert people falsely I believe are disclaiming in today´s European papers.

    That this document may be the work of an amalgam of forces, a clique right at the centre of US Imperialism, of Islamofascist antisemites working to destroy Israel, and of Israeli capitulationists around Olmert and Livni, with the Peres Labour Party in as well, to `prepare the ground for the Nov Conference IN THE UNITED STATES. A conference with the clear aim to destroy Israel.

    It is quite possible that Olmert has drawn up these points with Abbas.

    That this document from the Maan Agency is prepared by shadowy forces inside the Israeli state working with the CIA

    But we know that Olmert is not really a Jewish man, he is better referred to as a lackey of US Imperialism.

    Note that Rice is going to Israel next week TO PREPARE THE ROUND FOR THIS NOVEMBER CONFERENCE.

    That the Israeli capitulationists have done nothing about the Gaza rocket on their soldiers.

    As far as Olmert is concerned this Palestinian State is serious and he will let nothiong get in its way, SUCH IS HIS HATRED FOR THE JUDAIC SETTLER MOVEMENT.

    Yamit, you have NOT read up on Yugoslavia.

    You have dismissed all of the lessons from that. You have not taken on board that the US along with the EU and Islamofascists MURDERED Slobodan Milosevic at the Hague.

    As far as Levinson and a number of others on Israpundit as far as I understand, and when you cut through their verbiage, they supported and support the murder of Milosevic, a sovereign and elected ruler and President.

    As do most of the American Jewish Movement, especially this Frontpage Outfit around David Horowitz.

    The same US General that Levinson and also Ted Belman supported against Move On JUST YESTERDAY ON THIS SITE is going to disembowell Israel. Which makes me wonder actually where on earth does Israpundit stand on anything.

    All the psyops are being put into place now to destroy Israel.

    What can be done?

    The first thing to do is for Israpundit to make a break from supporting this US Imperialist state. If you cannot do that, and Levinson cannot, then I think it is better that Istrapundit folds its bags right now.

    I repeat Yamit it is going to be the US Imperialists which folowing from Yugoslavia and Iraq will destroy Israel.

    What to do:

    Well the Israeli people will respond. I have total confidence in these people.

    But the issue is leadership which Bill Narvey downplays.

    I have called repeatedly here that the key to this lies within the political parties on the nationalist side, especially around Netanyahu, Eltad, Feiglin and Lieberman.

    There must be a United Front in action, where all of these parties operate in a Formal Defence Action, where their individual programmes are disseminated widely, where a discussion can take place inside the Israeli masses, including if not especially inside the religious youth who are connected with Ruth Matar.

    Levinson should continue his attacks on Move On, I have no problem with that, but not from the standpoint of defence of US Imperialism. They should be attacked from their antisemitism and pro Islamofascism.

  4. According to my information it is very exact based on the Geneva plan which was largely based on the Clinton plan. All resemble the Saudi plan! and none will work of course. Olmerts star will rise and divert attention from his criminal investigation problems. May delay indictments, gain n the media and press adulation move up in the polls and fall like a rock when all see it is so much fluff by 3 Losers Bush, Olmert and Mazen, all hoping to get through their own tough patches and leave something lasting for we idiots to talk about. It will buy Olmert time and ease the pressure of the State prosecutor and State controller from issuing quick indictments.

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