The current media and left-wing uproar over the executive order US President Donald Trump signed on Saturday is extraordinary on many levels.


US PRESIDENT Donald Trump speaks to reporters while signing executive orders at the White House.

Donald Trump the new Franklin Delano Roosevelt? Does his immigration policy mimic Roosevelt’s by adopting a callous, bigoted position on would-be asylum seekers from the Muslim world? At a press conference on June 5, 1940, Roosevelt gave an unspeakably cynical justification for his administration’s refusal to permit the desperate Jews of Nazi Germany to enter the US.

In Roosevelt’s words, “Among the refugees [from Germany], there are some spies… And not all of them are voluntary spies – it is rather a horrible story but in some of the other countries that refugees out of Germany have gone to, especially Jewish refugees, they found a number of definitely proven spies.”

The current media and left-wing uproar over the executive order US President Donald Trump signed on Saturday which enacts a temporary ban on entry to the US of nationals from seven Muslim majority countries is extraordinary on many levels. But one that stands out is the fact that opponents of Trump’s move insist that Trump is reenacting the bigoted immigration policies the US maintained throughout the Holocaust.

The first thing that is important to understand about Trump’s order is that it did not come out of nowhere. It is based on the policies of his predecessor Barack Obama. Trump’s move is an attempt to correct the strategic and moral deficiencies of Obama’s policies – deficiencies that empower bigots and fascists while disenfranchising and imperiling their victims.

Trump’s order is based on the 2015 Terrorist Travel Prevention Act. As White House spokesman Sean Spicer noted in an interview with ABC News’ Martha Raddatz Sunday, the seven states targeted by Trump’s temporary ban – Syria, Iraq, Sudan, Iran, Libya, Yemen and Somalia – were not chosen by Trump.

They were identified as uniquely problematic and in need of specific, harsher vetting policies for refugee applications by former US president Barack Obama.

In Iraq, Syria, Libya and Yemen, the recognized governments lack control over large swaths of territory.

As a consequence, they are unable to conclude immigration vetting protocols with the US. As others have noted, unlike these governments, Turkish, Saudi Arabian and Egyptian officials have concluded and implement severe and detailed visa vetting protocols with US immigration officials.

Immigrants from Somalia have carried out terrorist attacks in the US. Clearly there is a problem with vetting procedures in relation to that jihad-plagued failed state.

Finally, the regimes in Sudan and Iran are state sponsors of terrorism. As such, the regimes clearly cannot be trusted to properly report the status of visa applicants.

In other words, the one thing that the seven states have in common is that the US has no official counterpart in any of them as it seeks to vet nationals from those states seeking to enter its territory. So the US must adopt specific, unilateral vetting policies for each of them.

Now that we know the reason the Obama administration concluded that visa applicants from these seven states require specific vetting, we arrive at the question of whether Trump’s order will improve the outcome of that vetting from both a strategic and moral perspective.

The new executive order requires the relevant federal agencies and departments to review the current immigration practices in order to ensure two things.

First, that immigrants from these and other states are not enemies of the US. And second, to ensure that those that do enter the US are people who need protection.

Trump’s order requires the secretary of state and the secretary of homeland security to ensure that the new vetting processes “prioritize refugee claims made by individuals on the basis of religious-based persecution, provided that the religion of the individual is a minority in the individual’s country of nationality.”

Under the Obama administration, the opposite occurred. Christians and Yazidis in Syria for instance, have been targeted specifically for annihilation by Islamic State and related groups. And yet, they have made up a tiny minority of visa recipients. According to Christian News Service, during 2016, the number of refugees from Syria to the US increased by 675%. But among the 13,210 Syrian refugees admitted to the US, only 77, or 0.5% were Christians and only 24, or 0.18%, were Yazidis.

Similar percentages held in previous years.

On the second issue, of blocking potential terrorists from entering the US, Trump’s order calls for measures to be taken to ensure that those who ascribe to creeds that would endanger the lives of US citizens are barred from entering.

Specifically, the order states, “The United States cannot, and should not, admit those who do not support the Constitution, or those who would place violent ideologies over American law. In addition, the United States should not admit those who engage in acts of bigotry or hatred (including ‘honor’ killings, other forms of violence against women, or the persecution of those who practice religions different from their own) or those who would oppress Americans of any race, gender, or sexual orientation.”

Whether or not the Obama administration’s failure to give top priority to Christian and Yazidi refugees being targeted for genocide, enslavement and rape was driven by political considerations, the fact is that the current US refugee system makes it all but impossible for US officials to give priority to vulnerable minorities.

As Nina Shea, director of the Hudson Institute’s Center for Religious Freedom pointed out in an article in National Review in November 2015, the US has relied on the UN High Commissioner on Refugees to vet potential immigrants from these countries. The UNHCR accepts applications for resettlement primarily from people who reside in its refugee camps. Members of the Christian and Yazidi avoid UN camps because UN officials do not protect them.

As Shea noted, human rights groups and media reports have shown that at UN camps, “ISIS, militias and gangs traffic in women and threaten men who refuse to swear allegiance to the caliphate.”

The situation repeats itself in European refugee centers. Shea noted that in Germany, for instance, due to Muslim persecution of non-Muslim refugees at refugee centers, “the German police union recommended separate shelters for Christian and Muslim groups.”

The UNHCR itself has not been an innocent bystander in all of this. To the contrary. It appears that the institution colludes with jihadists to keep persecuted Christians and other minorities out of the UN refugee system, thus dooming them to remain in areas were they are subjected to forms of persecution unseen since the Holocaust.

Questioned by Shea, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees António Guterres said that he opposes the resettlement of persecuted Christians from Syria. Despite the fact that in 2011 Pope Francis acknowledged that Syrian Christians were being targeted for genocide, Guterres told Shea that he doesn’t want Christians to leave Syria, because they are part of the “DNA of the Middle East.” He added that Lebanon’s former president asked him not to resettle the Christians.

Invoking the Holocaust, in recent days US Jews have been among the most outspoken critics of Trump’s executive order. Speaking to Britain’s Independent, for instance, Mark Hetfield, the executive director of HIAS, the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, slammed Trump’s executive order as the “lowest point we’ve seen since the 1920s.”

Forward editor Jane Eisner wrote that Trump’s move is immoral and un-American and that all Jewish organizations are morally required to stand up to his “anti-Muslim” policies.

Writing at, Dara Lind drew a direct connection between Trump’s executive order and the Roosevelt administration’s refusal to permit the Jews of Europe to flee to the US to escape annihilation in the Holocaust.

This then brings us back to Roosevelt’s immoral policies toward the Jews of Europe and to the question of who has learned the lessons of his bigotry.

The American Jewish uproar at Trump’s actions shows first and foremost the cynicism of the leftist Jewish leadership.

It isn’t simply that left-wing activists like Hetfield and Eisner cynically ignore that Trump’s order is based on Obama’s policies, which they didn’t oppose.

It is that in their expressed concerned for would-be Muslim refugees to the US they refuse to recognize that the plight of Muslims as Muslims in places like Syria and Iraq is not the same as the plight of Christians and Yazidis as Christians and Yazidis in these lands.

The “Jews” in the present circumstances are not the Muslims, who are nowhere targeted for genocide.

The “Jews” in the present circumstances are the Christians and Yazidis and other religious minorities, whom Trump’s impassioned Jewish opponents and Obama’s impassioned Jewish champions fail to defend.

Trump’s executive order is far from perfect. But in making the distinction between the hunters and the hunted and siding with the latter against the former, Trump is showing that he is not a bigot.

Unlike his critics, he has learned the lessons of Roosevelt’s moral failure and is working to ensure that the US acts differently today.

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6 Comments / 6 Comments

  1. Caroline Glick and I are of similar mind. The attitude of many Jews, as well as a myrid of other peoples, is dismissive of their own best interests. Neither Glick nor Trump are as publically outspoken on the topic of islamic terrorists as I am, however. But mine is not blind hatred, either! I studied the history of science and was always puzzled as to WHY the “Golden Age of Islamic Science” ended. When I met a brilliant man named Dennis Avi Lipkin at a seminar hosted by ACT for America, I got my answer. He said, “Go to ‘Atlantic Monthy,’ January 1999: There you will find your answer.” And he was right! The koran was secretly rewritten in the 900’s to make it more virulent than even mohammed dreamed. Christians and Jews, who formerly had worked hand-in-hand with Arabic alchemists — and even were the ones who made the most profound of medical, chemical and metalurgical discoveries — were expelled from Arabic lands, forced to convert to islam or murdered. The blind hatred of people who do not strictly adhere to the “new” koran dates from that time and remains with us today. Islamic hatred for others trumps learning, scientific achievement, human rights and all reason. With painfully few exceptions, “The ONLY good muslim is apostate.” It is pure insanity to allow people whose goal is our elimination to freely enter the United States or any other democracy.

  2. This time I disagree with you. What Trump is doing makes sense.
    What FDR did was anti-semetic and it allowed millions to be slaughtered. He knew what was going on in the camps. Also if he felt threatened by Communist Jews, he could have vetted them more carefully. Ellis Island let in hundreds of thousands of Jews during the pre-war time. Most all integrated into patriotic Americans and contributed more to American Life than any other groups. Their theology taught love and compassion and respect for the community they were living in. They supported hundreds of charities and marched along side MLK.

    FDR failed to bomb the rail lines going to the camps. He wasn’t a great friend to the Jews although many Jews thought he was the Messiah.

    Christians and Jews from Syria should have preference, and what about the Jihadis crossing the border from Mexico. Canada is letting in tens of thousands of Muslims. If one reads how the Islamists plan to take over, then all they have to do is look at Europe, where slowly they are making headway. Even in the U.S. Islam is infiltrating Government, Schools, associating with BLM and the Left. Women wear full Burkas in communities and would love Sharia law to be the law of the land.

  3. @ Jay L. Stern:
    Wrong. Mohammed was an eliminationist anti-semite. A psychopath ethnically cleansed Arabia of the Jews. So-called Moderate Muslims try to pretend otherwise.

    “…One of the immediate consequences of Muhammad’s frustration was the expulsion of two Jewish tribes from Medina and the murder of all the members of a third Jewish tribe (except for the women and children, who were sold into slavery). But even worse for the long-term treatment of the Jews were a number of inflammatory statements about Jews that Muhammad made that appear in the Koran — which, over the years, stoked Arab/Islamic anti-Semitism…”

    from last link:

    “Ibn Sunayna Unknown Muhammad reportedly ordered his followers to “kill any Jew that falls into your power”, Muhayissa heard this and went out to kill Ibn Sunayna (a Jew)[114][115]
    Ibn Sunayna killed by Muhayissa[114][115]
    Sunan Abu Dawud 19:2996
    Ibn Hisham & Ibn Ishaq, Sirat Rasul Allah[116]”

    “‘Asma’ bint Marwan January 624[2] Kill ‘Asma’ bint Marwan for opposing Muhammad with poetry and for provoking others to attack him[3][4][2]
    Asma’ bint Marwan assassinated[2][5]
    Ibn Hisham & Ibn Ishaq, Sirat Rasul Allah[6]
    Ibn Sa’d, Kitab al-tabaqat al-kabir, Volume 2[3]
    2 ”

    “Blind Jew Unknown Muhammad’s followers kill a blind Jew for throwing dust at his face[122][123]
    Blind Jew killed by Sa’d ibn Zayd[122][123]
    Ibn Hisham & Ibn Ishaq, Sirat Rasul Allah[124]
    Tabari, Volume 7, The foundation of the community[123]
    41 Nameless spy Unknown Kill a man Muhamma”

    He killed a lot of Jews, a lot of women and children, and a lot of poets. He was criminally insane like his billion followers today. And a typically paranoid enemy of culture and learning. Only interested in his own propaganda.

  4. @ akoven:
    I agree. One of the few times I completely disagree with Glick. Trump is doing the minimum that needs to be done and is not doing any differently from Obama as that excellent video showed.

  5. reposting link by Yamit82.

    I have to backtrack. The comments that got stuck in moderation were based on my misreading. She agrees with President Trump and so do I. I disagree with the first comment stating that Mohammed was not an anti-semite and that it was all re-written that way later.

    This the Atlantic Monthly article from 1999

    Where does it say that this

    (this list is very incomplete, just google Jews assassinated by Mohammed. The wives and female children of murdered Jews became the sex slaves of him and his foillowers just like Isis, also tortured and murdered at will. They are true Muslims.) He also murdered more poets than the ones listed. There was a famous female Jewish poet, whose name I forget, for example. Mohammed was evil. There is no getting around that. Moderate Muslims try to pretend otherwise and whitewash or justify his crimes. “Moderate Muslim” is like “Moderate Nazi.” That’s why I don’t trust them either. The really moderate ones.

    and this

    is not true?

    This is true:

  6. @ Jay L. Stern:

    Main test for refugees and immigrants to be allowed into America is to ascertain what their real feelings are towards Sharia Law….. any positive data ascertained even suspected should be enough to bar entry to the USA…. No different in principle than what America did in the past to bar Communists.

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