Obama’s one chance for a New World Order

James Lewis writing in PAJAMAS MEDIA draws an analogy between Pres Wilson who dreamed of a New World Order and Presi Obama whe presently dreams about it.

    Striking Iran and forcing a new Versailles Treaty between Israel and its enemies might be the only thing that will save Obama after the voters have their say in November.

My thinking exactly except I don’t know why it is necessary to force a treaty on Israel.

    In the upshot, Woodrow Wilson gambled with a house of cards, and it collapsed.

    So much for designing a new world order from scratch.

    Obama has that same unlimited arrogance and disdain for incredibly complex problems that he doesn’t understand at all. He has no conception of his own limitations, which are plain enough for the rest of the world to see. His chance to fashion a new world order is coming with the rise of a nuclear Iran. Obama has already signaled his intention to unilaterally push for a Wilsonian division between Israel and a Palestinian state. The only thing standing in his way is Iran, which is refusing to stop its rush to nuclear weapons, a move that will collapse the stability of the Middle East.

    Israel is being openly threatened by Ahmadinejad and the mullahs, but in fact the Saudis, the Gulf States, and Iraq are even more threatened because they don’t have their own nukes and missiles to pit against Iranian weapons. Israel can retaliate against an Iranian attack, and it will do so if it sees no other way.

    The Sunni Arab states depend entirely on the United States. So does Europe, Japan, and even China, which all get their vital oil supplies from the Gulf.

    The United States holds the aces in the Middle East. If the U.S. folds and walks away, Iran will terrorize its enemies under its invulnerable nuclear umbrella. The Sunni Arab nations will then get their nukes from Pakistan or North Korea if the U.S. or French refuse. Saudi Arabia helped to finance the A.Q. Khan network which sold nuclear secrets. They can get it off the shelf from the Pakistanis.

    The United States is the only nation with the military capacity to knock down Iran’s nuclear industry, which is dispersed and hardened like North Korea’s facilities. They can’t be knocked out at a single blow, like the Israeli Air Force can deliver. But they can be brought down by a long-lasting air and sea campaign, the way the United States did with Saddam Hussein after the first Gulf War.

    The U.S. is the only power that can stop Iran, and Obama is telling the Israelis that he will do it only if they compromise on Jerusalem. Netanyahu is presumably telling Obama: “Oh, yeah? Well, let’s see you move first, buddy.” At least that’s my guess.

    “But … but … Obama loves peace!” I hear you say. No, Obama loves himself more than anybody else in the whole wide world, including all the Democrats in Congress. After they lose Congress in November, he will find reasons to move aggressively in foreign policy, because the GOP will block his domestic program.

    “But … but … the left will abandon Obama if he goes to war!” I hear you say.

    Just like they abandoned Wilson, FDR, Truman, JFK, and LBJ? It never happened. Five times in the last century the Democrats turned on a dime from running a passionate peace campaign to another “war to end all wars.” They are cynical beyond belief, and they have been that way for a long, long time.

    As for the ideological left, it is deeply in love with Obama, and love transcends whatever sanity it may still hang onto. Nobody will pay attention to the pathetic figure of Mother Sheehan, who has dropped out of the news since Obama started bombing Afghanistan. Have you noticed? The media are so deeply in the tank they will follow Obama wherever he decides to go.

    If Obama wants to put the screws on Iran, therefore, the Democrats will become the instant war party. The GOP will have to go along, if they see real danger abroad. It’s tough being the party of adults, but it’s a lot more honorable than being the party of demagogues and the suckers who fall for them.

    Striking Iran and forcing a new Versailles Treaty between Israel and its enemies might be the only thing that will save Obama after the voters have their say in November. If the Israelis are smart they will play Obama in just the way Clemenceau played Woodrow Wilson. The French and the Brits survived the Versailles Peace Treaty, more or less. They are still alive and kicking.

    If the Democrats lose in November, Obama might just flip in December. I’ll make a bet on it.

James Lewis is a scientist by trade, and carps as a hobby about the passing parade of human fraud and folly.

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  1. …I don’t know why it is necessary to force a treaty on Israel.

    Arab nations are considered a bigger than than Israel in terms of not only creating, but actually having order in a New World Order:

    1. Oil—a NWO that relies heavily on OPEC needs cooperation from the M.E. oil producing nations. Sacrificing Israel for the sake of Arab/Islamic cooperation with the NWO is viewed as the only real choice.

    2. Fear—international terrorists are Islamic, not Israeli. Again, sacrificing Israel to appease the Islamic blood-god is seen as best alternative in their attempts to stabilize the M.E. to mesh all societies into one world order.

    3. Zionism is has a Jewish identity. It is not comparable with the ideology of a NWO. Islam does also but is exempt for the time being because its adherents are completely mad.