We must fight Islam all the way

By Ted Belman

Islam is a religion of war. It requires all Muslims to conquer the world for Allah. The Koran is a blueprint for how to do this. Any and all means are permissible. It is also a blueprint for keeping your gains.

Thus the forces of Islam were empowered to come roaring out of the Arabian peninsula in the seventh century and to conquer much of the known world. Thereafter it put its indelible mark on the subjugated people which mark remains today. Islam means submission.

Bill Warner, the director of the Center for the Study of Political Islam (CSPI), notes,

    Political Islam has annihilated every culture it has invaded or immigrated to. The total time for annihilation takes centuries, but once Islam is ascendant it never fails. The host culture disappears and becomes extinct. [..]

    Approximately 270 million nonbelievers died over the last 1400 years for the glory of political Islam. These are the Tears of Jihad which are not taught in any school.

He strongly advises that we must know Political Islam in order to survive. We have to know that they are out to get us before we can muster the strength and conviction needed to survive.

I believe that we should condemn the religion as strongly as we can without fear of alienating any moderates or being politically incorrect. In fact to do so would be politically correct. Only in this way will we get to know political Islam as he puts it. This would also strengthen the forces of reform.

Ami Isseroff, considers such views, bigotry. He makes the point in Bigot Awareness.

He is a known Zionist on the left, who is in favour of negotiating along the lines of the Saudi Plan or the Geneva Accords, He identifies some moderate Muslims and argues for reliance on them.

    These moderate voices are the best hope for reform and progress in the Muslim world, and they are probably Israel’s only hope for long term survival.

It is easy to understand why he is so ready to capitulate. As we say in Yiddish, “Es vet du gornisht helfen” (It won’t help you at all.)

Quite the contrary. If Israel’s survival depends on these moderates, Israel is doomed. These people have no power and no following. All surveys done of late indicate that Muslims are becoming more religious in practice and more Islamist. Few dare stand in their way.

To my mind, there is only one hope for reform and that is the woman’s movement.

Prof. Martin Sherman of Jerusalem Summit, recently addressed the House of Lords on the contents of his paper Diplomatic Strategy for The Defence of Judeo-Christian Civilizational Values and JPOST covered the story under the title Women’s rights key to fighting Islamic extremism. and so it is.

The paper stresses the obvious,

    …half of the human race – regardless of religious affiliation – has a vested and vital interest in arresting the onset of Islamic radicalism, in containing its influence and in extricating itself from the threat of its oppressive grasp. This imperiled segment of humanity comprises – all the woman of the world.

Then quotes from Prof. Phyllis Chesler

    If we do not oppose and defeat Islamic Gender Apartheid, democracy and freedom cannot flourish in the Arab and Islamic world… If we do not join forces with Muslim dissident and feminist groups; and, above all, if we do not have one universal standard of human rights for all – then we will fail our own Judeo-Christian … ideals.

It makes sense to mobilize the women, both Muslim and otherwise, to rise up and to fight for equality for Muslim women. The biggest problem is that the woman’s movement has not yet risen to the challenge.

In a FrontPageMag interview, Chesler complains

    In the beginning, feminists were not anti-activist isolationists. We saw the plight of women world-wide as a common plight. As feminists became more colonized by left and postcolonial ways of thinking, they revised their original vision of universal rights for all to a culturally relativist and mea culpa way of thinking. Who are we to judge others, there is CIA blood on our hands, we, who believe in the rights of victims everywhere must therefore support the victims rising everywhere.

The Guardian and also interviewed her and lead with Feminism has failed Muslim women by colluding in their oppression.

So it appears that the Woman’s Movement is conflicted. Nevertheless I believe it is our best hope for change. It will start with a movement within the movement and grow from there.

Meanwhile we must stop giving Political Islam a pass or referring to it as a “religion of peace”. We must denigrate it every chance we get. We must show our utter disdain for it. In this way many Muslims will get to view Islam differently and perhaps call for change or disown it. There is no other way.

And we must wage war relentlessly as they do. We will not win this war on the cheap. It is they who must desist and submit not us. If they leave us in peace and stop trying to dominate us we will do likewise. This is a war of self-defense, not of aggression.

We must protect the home front. This includes restricting Muslim influence, immigration and accommodation. Only if the Muslims share our vision and our values are they entitled to share our rights.

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