UK opposes regime change in Iran

My Iranian friend, Mohammad-Reza Pardisan, London, writes to Lord Triesman

I listened to your interview with BBC radio 4 On April the 8th, 2007. In it you said that Britain will oppose regime change for Iran and will continue to engage in dialogue with the hostage taking terrorist supporting, inhumane and unpopular regime in Iran.

I suggest that you should pay a visit to Iran to see the depth of anti-British feelings there or read the books written by Iranian and non-Iranian writers including the ‘Hostage to Khomeini’ and ‘The Devils game’ by Robert Dreyfoss. Also ‘The last Shah of Iran’ and ‘The Clash of ambitions’ by Professor Houshang Nahavandi to read where Britain stands in relation to the rise of Khomeini and the Islamo-fascism in Iran.

I have one question which I hope you will provide me with an answer.

It is a popular belief in Iran that the current terrorist regime in Iran was brought to power by the British in 1979 and also many consider the Mad Khomeini as the “British Bulldozer”.

If the so called Islamic revolution brought prosperity to Britain and Europe no one can be in doubt of the devastation it brought to Iran. Over 7 million refugees across the world. Million killed in a needless war with Iraq that only benefited the western governments. Over 9 million addicts. In once rich and prosperous country over 55% struggle below the poverty line.

Many thousands tortured, murdered and executed by this evil regime. Yet you show total disregard for the 28 year long human suffering in Iran by opposing regime change in my country. You knowingly are corroborating with criminals and murderers and you have blood on you hands.

How much more Iran hating and animosity should be expected from Her Najesties Government towards my country?

Yours sincere enemy,

Mohammad-Reza Pardisan, London.


Lord David Maxim Triesman of Tottenham, Another Iran hater, another leech who has blood on his hands. He is Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Foreign and Commonwealth Office; Government Spokesperson for British Foreign and Commonwealth Office He is determined to keep the terrorist Mullahs in power to the detriment of all Iranians so Britain and the EU can milk Iran unopposed.
Please write a letter of protest to this evil being via a link below and express your revolution
of Britain’s continued support for the outlaw regime of the mad Mullahs in Iran.

April 9, 2007 | Comments Off on UK opposes regime change in Iran

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