The “useful idiots” are at it again.

The WSJ reported Christian Leaders Take Iran’s Message to Washington

Then I received this email from a contact of mine in Iran, He asks How Stupid Some Americans Can Be:

Just listen to the chimpanzee/monkey president (Ahmedinajad) who knows nothing about love and humanity. Yet the evil monster turned president responsible for torture and murder of many innocent Iranians teaching the US President to show love and humanity to others.

What makes most Iranians furious is that the Delegation of American Christian Leaders who went to see Iran’s top thug failed to remind Ahmadinejad that he himself is not in a position to preach human kindness to others.

They conveniently failed to ask this bastard a simple question as why he is known to many as the “terminator”? Is not because while he was the member of the notorious Revolutionary Guards he carried out the “coup de grace” against thousands of ill fated Iranian prisoners?

The Delegation of American Christian Leaders failed to tell him that he should be kind and merciful to his own people before preaching humanity to others or sending gifts to Britain.

The regime Ahmaghinejad represents is a terrorist regime which not only creates, funds and supports suicide bombings abroad but has been responsible for chopping hands, stoning people and hanging thousands in public on cranes while torturing and murdering many more.

Some Americans are their own worst enemies. Jimmy Carter, Ted Kennedy, John Kerry, Michael More, Saun Penn and these idiots who went to listen to criminal Ahmaghinejad are the ones that Lenin once described them as “Useful idiots” and it seems that there are plenty of them in America.

Click on URL below and turn on your volume.

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to a Delegation of American Christian Leaders: U.S. President Should Replace His Circle of Advisors and Refrain from Making Decisions While Angry.

Is this the message they delivered? I think not.

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  1. These aren’t useful idiots, they know exactly what they are doing. In this day and age of free flow of information, they have to know exactly what they are doing. I don’t know what the motive is, but I know it is evil. Baptist, evangelical, whatever they want to call themselves; I bet they don’t like Orthodox Jews and real Christians.

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