Did the US orchestrate the Hamas coup as a precursor to destroying Israel

By Ted Belman

When Hamas took over Gaza, I speculated Did US order Fatah to take a dive? . Then confirmed my speculation with Yes, the US orchestrated Fatah’s dive in Gaza..

Now Francisco Gil-White delivers the coup de grace with Hamas vs. Fatah: A curious ‘fight’. Francisco takes my ideas and drives them home. Then concludes,

We have, then, that the forces that wish to destroy Israel staged a fight between Hamas and Fatah so that they could consolidate an enormous amount of weaponry in Gaza under a unified leadership, ready to launch Egypt’s final genocidal assault against Israel. This theater has represented the PLO, once again, as the ‘moderates,’ and this has become a renewed excuse to arm the PLO to the teeth in the West Bank, where it has consolidated its forces under a unified leadership and renewed, massive Western and Israeli funding. The chessboard is now almost ready for another great mass killing of Jews, a very stable process of Western and Muslim civilization, for such events have been happening repeatedly with great regularity for over two millennia.

We are due for another one.

You absolutely must read his brilliant argument. BEWARE.

July 6, 2007 | 7 Comments »

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