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By Ted Belman

Israel eases ban on building material for Gaza. and Israel, Egypt Ease Gaza Blockades. This gives me confidence that something important is happening involving Israel, Egypt and the US. I think the cease fire is holding like no other.

This week the Times of Israel reported:

    Bedouin tribes from northern Sinai are threatening civil disobedience along the border with Israel in reaction to new Egyptian government regulations that prevent them from working the land near the border, an Egyptian daily reported on Monday.
    Sayyid Harhour, the governor of northern Sinai, informed tribal leaders last week that they are no longer allowed to work land located within a five-kilometer (three-mile) strip along the border with Israel, due to the strategic importance of Egypt’s eastern border. Harhour assured the leaders that the decision would not affect them, and conveyed their outrage to Defense Minister Abdul Fattah Sisi, the daily reported.

 Egyptian Media Reveal US-Israeli Plan to Build Separation Wall in Sinai

The Egyptian media on Sunday disclosed that the US and Israel plan to build a wall of separation in the Sinai region to further strengthen the Zionist regime’s security. 

 Egyptian Media Reveal US-Israeli Plan to Build Separation Wall in Sinai

(Ahlul Bayt News Agency) – The Egyptian daily, al-Watan, quoted an informed source as saying that a group of American experts have leveled off the bordering areas in Rafah city in the North to the city of Taba in the South and parallel to the borders of the occupied Palestinian lands, drew the needed sketches for constructing a 200-km-long wall of separation and worked out a plan to evacuate the people from the region.
According to the source, the plan has been devised to guarantee Israel’s security and separating a part of the border to control and monitor the area, prevent missile attacks against Israel and deploy modern systems in the region to confront the dangers posing Israel. [..]

The plan which will be implemented after convincing the Egyptian officials and it requires forced displacement of residents in the region.[..]

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  1. Gaza and the Two State Solution:

    Abbas and Fatah, based in the “West Bank” (Judea and Samaria) recently colluded with the worthless, Jew-hating United Nations to declare “Palestine” as something called a “non-member observer state”.

    There was no mention of Hamas and Gaza, as if they didn’t exist. But if you haven’t noticed, Hamas has been the sole ruler of Gaza since 2007, and Abbas and Fatah, while barely relevant in the West Bank, are totally irrelevant in Gaza.

    Gaza’s southern border is with Egypt. Egypt is ruled by the Muslim Brotherhood, and Hamas is the palestinian chapter of the Muslim Brotherhood. Egypt annexed Gaza from 1947 to 1967.

    Get where I’m going with this? Gaza is already de facto a satellite of Egypt. It can either be absorbed into Egypt as a new province, or can remain “an independent state” partnered with Egypt.

    Hamas can no longer be considered as a mere terrorist organization. It is the legitimate government of the palestinian state of Gaza. If Hamas shoots missiles at Jewish Israeli women and children, it is an act of war.

    (Eventually, Just as the Muslim Brotherhood took over Egypt, Hamas will take over the West Bank and the Kingdom of Jordan.)