Manhigut Yehudit has a bold Plan

By Ted Belman

Now that the Likud primaries are down to a two man race between the front runner Bibi Netanyahu and the challenger, Moshe Feiglin, I thought I would read up on Feiglin’s faction Manhigut Yehudit,The Jewish Leadership Movement, because I didn’t like what Bibi was saying.

I also spoke with Rob Muchnick his advisor who advised that Feiglin believed that he had a good chance to take over the leadership of Likud. This belief is based on the fact that he has a more motivated base and a better platform. Just visit Manhigut Yehudit and you will notice how detailed his ideas and platform is. It even has a section Hard Questions, Tough Answers which shirks from nothing.

The Crises

The very Zionist ideology that built the modern state of Israel has now turned against itself as it seeks to purge itself of its Biblical roots and Divine purpose. This self-destructive bent is the ultimate conclusion of the secular ideology upon which Zionism is based. It also explains the zeal of Israeli governments — both left and right — to divest Israel of its heartland. “Peace” has become a euphemism for the desire to rid Israel of its Jewish identity.

[In its quest] for “international approval, Israel has been willing to do almost anything (relinquish vital land, release terrorists, evade pre-emptive strikes or even refrain from counter-attack) making many grave and costly concessions at the expense of the very lives of its citizens in order to achieve this elusive endorsement. Ironically, it is this obsessive desire for international approval that has seriously compromised the security of the residents of the “safe haven.”

The momentum toward citizenship for all residents of Israel, regardless of their religion, is part of the Zionist ideology based on Western culture. If not checked, it will effectively transform Israel from a Jewish state to a state with some Jewish citizens.”

So what does Feiglin propose?


Israel must restore Jewish family values to overcome The post modernism that negates depth and meaning desires to fracture our society, blend everyone into one large culture and to return the world to a state of chaos. Post modernism has no G-d, no nation, no land, no religion, no reward and punishment and, of course, no family. There is only the individual and his narrative. According to the post modern approach, there is no need to be loyal to anything — not to one’s state and nation, and not to one’s family and spouse.


Manhigut Yehudit’s first step will be to provide all of Israel’s public school students with a daily hour of Jewish identity, history and heritage studies” because the present system, ” has created a person disengaged and estranged from the values, concepts and basic heritage of the Jewish People. For these new, disconnected Jews, the most fundamental concepts in Jewish identity and history are complete unknowns.”


Security for Israel and its inhabitants is a direct result of strengthened family values and education. If a Jew hasn’t learned the real significance of the Land of Israel and if he is not loyal to his homeland, the message that he unwittingly broadcasts to his enemies is that his Land is free for the taking. Israel’s lack of Jewish values and Jewish identity is the cause of our severe security problem. Oslo and the Road Map offer a solution — to base Israel’s security and very existence on justifying the claims of our enemies. These solutions have brought nothing but terror and death. What we need is the complete opposite; instead of justifying our enemies, we must immediately reverse the Oslo process. We must proclaim Jewish sovereignty over all the parts of the Land of Israel in our hands (as written in the Likud constitution) and regard the civilian populace that promotes terror as an enemy in every way.

The First 100 Days In Office

In the first day he proposes to reclaim the Temple Mount and open it to Jewish prayer.

In the first week he will propose a law to transform

    “Israel’s centralized democracy, inherited from the early State Labor governments, to a district-based democracy, as is the norm in the majority of democratic states. The purpose of this law is to transfer responsibility from the central government to the communities. This will augment the natural identification with and responsibility for the country that most of the state’s citizens wish to develop, as opposed to the feeling of detachment that the centralized authority of the Left had encouraged in order to perpetuate its control.

    The community will decide upon all local issues, such as its representatives to the House of Representatives, its education budget, its police chief, which roads will be closed on Shabbat, etc. The national government will focus on matters of national import, such as security, general infrastructure, etc. This new focus will automatically increase the efficiency of Israel ’s thorny bureaucracy and will encourage economic initiative, development and the responsibility of the citizen toward his community.

    The law will include a proposal for a detailed constitution for the Jewish State and the creation of two Houses of Representatives: A Lower House to administer ongoing municipal issues and an Upper House to oversee national issues. The Upper House will be composed of Jews only, will include representation from Diaspora Jewry and will also serve as the High Constitutional Court .

    The Supreme Court will not have the authority to contradict the legislation of the Houses of Representatives. The members of the Upper House will elect the judges of the Supreme Court in private ballots. The judges will be subject to periodic evaluation. The length of their terms will be contingent on their judicial achievements.

In the Third Week

    Total cessation of support to the Palestinian Authority. Beside all monetary support, electricity, communications, television and radio, raw materials etc. will no longer be transferred to the PA. Any attack on Israel will prompt the conquering of the area from which the attack was initiated. The residents of that area will be expelled and the infrastructure made inaccessible to any hostile elements.

There is no doubt in my mind that Feiglin understands what ails Israel and has a strong plan and commitment to make it healthy again.

For those of you who are worried that there is too much emphasis on God or devine mission or religious law, I leave it to you to read what Feiglin has said about such matters and satisfy yourself that you have nothing to worry about except the status quo.

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