Jewish Journal presents a narrow left of center viewpoint

Shirley Lewis wrote to me to correct this. “Nope.  Not center left. It is hard left”. She makes her case below.

The Jewish Journal of Los Angeles has consistently presented a left of center viewpoint and consistently bars right wing opinion from its pages.

Its publisher/editor Rob Eshman recently wrote Proposed nation-state law crosses American Jewish red lines.

His long time protagonist and collaborator friend of mine, Lt Col Howard wrote the following to him.

ESHMAN: “I know Benjamin Netanyahu knows all this. He is a very smart man. He certainly doesn’t need me to draw him any pictures.”… On this 1 point, I agree with you 100%.

Rob, in Israel , previously the left such as Livini, supported such a bill. Much of the current opposition to the bill’s talking points are political hype and not factual since the final provisions of the bill are still subject to a lot of change and negotiation.

Unfortunately, in the United States, your left-wing Jewish forebears fought ferociously against the recognition of Israel and supported the US embargo on armaments to Israel which endangered the very survival of the newborn state of Israel.

As a Christian, I think it is reprehensible for you and for the American liberal Jewish reform establishment to keep threatening to withdraw your support from Israel whenever you do not like what the majority of the Israeli population democratically decides.

In the meantime, if your readers want more balanced and informed discussions of the various issues I suggest they devote their time and attention to some of the following (in no particular order): Jerusalem Post; Mosaic; Jewish World Review;; The Jewish Express( Jewish; Rabbis Mid East Report; Isi Leibler: Carolyn Glick; Martin Sherman; Ted Belman; IDNS; Algemeiner.

Lt Col Howard has been trying for years to get the influential Jewish Journal to broaden their tent and allow right of center opinion to permeate. He has given up on Eshman and is hoping that David Suissa, the new president, will make a difference. So far not.

On receiving this post Shirley Lewis wrote to me:

“Jewish Journal presents a narrow left of center viewpoint ” (Ted sorry for this unedited – I have to leave for doc appointment, please read all, feel free to share with Lt. Howard, OK to give him my e mail.)

Nope.  Not center left. It is hard left.  It just does the hard left stuff stealthily. It mostly lies by omission. A group of wealthy owners need to go to the current owners and say “sell to us”, we think we can be more successful both financially (even though it is a non profit) and influentially around the country. We would be happy to take it off your hands”.  That is the only way it will change because of what Eshman is.

Eshman is J St., New Israel Fund and Americans for Peace Now all the way.  These are the people who get all the op-eds.  And….never, ever anything from NGO Monitor about what these three really are. Eshman is a stealth Jewish jihadi, hard core left wing Democrat.  David Suissa has been there long enough.  Either Suissa is a coward or he knows there is no chance to change things and wants his job so he shuts up.

When the 3 month old baby was recently murdered by Arab driver there was a picture of a Ugandan boy on the cover of the JJ. I e mailed Suissa to please put picture of the baby on the cover the next week.  How many Jews have been murdered by Arabs since the end of the last Gaza operation?  The non stop Arab crimes against Jews in Israel. The JJ wants to make sure we DON’T know. An occasional item here and there but mostly, unless a Jew is killed (which usually warrents a tiny mention unless it is multiple deaths) we don’t even hear about it.  See below what the JJ refuses to given even a line to.

The JJ never picks up stuff from Palestinian Media Watch  – it is essential for the JJ to make sure that Jews are completely ignorant of the non stop incitement to hate and violence on the part of PA/Fatah/Abbas & Co.  It never picks up the legal studies that show all the land from the river to the sea belongs to the Jews.

The JJ also does not report on the lies of NY Times, LA times and all the rest despite the fact that it would just need to pick up CAMERA’s research to do so.

People who know the truth the JJ it is called Stealth “Jewish” J”ihad St. Journal

When a Dem candidate, Mary Winograd was running against Jane Harmon in 2010 she said Israel is responsible for “extermination” of Palestinians.  I sent the demographic study (which I can send you) proving the Palestinian population has increased apx 250% since 1967.  I e mailed and hard copied Eshman and Suissa and they refused to ever print the truth and begged them to do an article on the fact that a candidate is spreading the blood libel.  Since Winograd was the left wing Dem in the race, the JJ never corrected the blood libel.  The Israel commits genocide/extermination/is a Nazi state libel is everywhere.  The JJ is just fine with NOT informing the Jewish community of the truth – that it is being spewed everywhere and is a big lie. The blood libel is fine with the JJ.

Another big subject it won’t touch. The non stop verbal and occasionally physical harassment of Jewish students on California campuses.  Will not cover what Students for Justice in Palesitn is doing – it openly stating it will deny Jewish students their civil rights and doing so.  All the research on the is done by AMCHA Initiative.  If the JJ reported fully, ending what is happening on campus would be a cause celebre of the Jewish community but Eshman is such a vicious Lefty, he will nhot do so.  That is why Federation, ADL and AJC can get away with doing nothing about this major civil rights issue that has spun out of control  Eshman and his crew are only interested in everyone else’s civil rights.  NOT civil rights for Jews.  And certainly not civil rights for campus Jews that speak up for Israel.

Below: The debunk the Israel commits genocide against the Palestinians blood libel and the non stop Palestinian Arab crimes against Jews

Just a sample of what the JJ will not report.



The narrative Israel commits “genocide against the Palestinians”, “ Israel exterminates the Palestinians”, and “ Israel is a Nazi state” (implying Israeli extermination of Palestinians), are all blood libels.

Palestinian population in West Bank and Gaza has increased apx. 250% since 1967, from apx. 1 million to apx. 2.5 million.  This kind of population growth is commonly referred to as a population explosion.

The demographic study: Look at Ben Zimmerman’s, Mike Wise’s and Robert Seid’s book on the population in the West Bank and Gaza .

It is on line at

The Arab population in the West Bank and Gaza grew from 942,000 in 1967 to 2,466,000 in 2003.  We found that the PA had inflated their population numbers, so that instead of the 3.8 million they claimed were in the WB and Gaza in 2003, it was really 2, 466,000.

Either way, there was substantial growth, with the population growing over 250% in that time period according to our data. The PA data would suggest even higher growth–almost 4 times the original population


The JJ does little one inchers to news from Israel toward the back. But not this:

11-26-14 Arab Hadassah employee charged with 3 arson attempts on the hospital

11-27-14  Arab terrorists shoot at car north of Jerusalem

11-28-14   Arab terrorists open fire at car of Yisrael Zeira, head of the Rosh Yehudi organization. No one hurt.

11-28-14 Stabbing of Israeli soldier by Arab women thwarted in Hevron

11-30-14  Two Arabs arrested for threatening Jew with knife

11-30-14  Jewish man loses eye, result of Palestinian Arab road terror attack

12-1-14  Arab terrorist killed after stabbing Israeli soldier at Gush Etzion

12-1-14  Arab terrorists firebomb Jewish home in Samaria

12-1-14 Jerusalem PA/Fatah/Abbas Arab teachers association admits to inciting hate in its curriculum.  Claims doing so part of Islamic religion.

12-2-14 Arab terrorist throws Molotov cocktail at bus in Jerusalem

12-2-14  Three Arabs arrested for attack on 60 year old Jewish man in Tzomet Alon

12-3-14  Arabs hurl pipe bomb at police

12-3-14 Arab teen terrorist stabs two in Mishor Adunim

12-4-14  Stabbing attack by female Arab terrorist thwarted in Jerusalem

12-5-14 Insidious Arab attacks on Jews in Israel: Israeli security forces were busy Thursday with Arab terrorists in Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria.

12-5-14 Israeli Arab Lynch Suspect Indicted, More Arrests Expected

An Arab resident of Taibe was indicted Thursday in Lod District Court on suspicion of trying to help lynch a Jewish man.

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  1. @ LtCol Howard:

    Be vigilant and hit them with the truth. Expose these leftist Jews as supporters of Muslim terrorists who kill Jews. That’s what they are, and it will become apparent when they are confronted. Drag these losers out into the open so that everyone can see what they really are. That’s my motto: Stomp the bad guys, and have fun doing it.

  2. @ LtCol Howard:

    Put aside the Jewish aspect and look at Israel this way: Ally of America. Capitalist country. Fighting Muslim terrorism. Small wonder libruls hate Israel. It embodies everything they despise.

    When is the last time the NAACP condemned Islamic enslavement of black Africans or NOW condemned Islamic persecution of women? These “rights” groups are as phony as Kim Kardashian’s butt.

  3. @ dweller:I should have said: “ liberal reform Jewish establishment as represented by the American Council for Judaism and the clergy of the leading Reform temples in New York City .”

    After Israel was formed the State Department embargoed not only armaments but also communications and other equivalent equipment. This was while the British led Jordanian Legion and other Arab armies were invading Israel with the intent to destroy it and to push all Jews into the sea.

    Certainly, these people are the intellectual forerunners of the Jewish Journal, J Street etc. if you follow the history of Tom Friedman at Brandeis University you will see that his organizational affiliations were left-wing and very much in line with the current J Street platform.

  4. The Jewish Journal of Los Angeles has consistently presented a left of center viewpoint and consistently bars right wing opinion from its pages.”

    Hoo-hah! — does it ever!

    For years I used to regularly submit letters to them. My stuff seems to have about a 60%-or-better likelihood of hitting print almost anywhere it’s submitted, whether the editors have seen my published letters, op-eds & guest columns before or not.

    But the JJ/LA never once ran a solitary syllable I sent them. Every time I’d submit something, it always came back to me in a new, brown manila envelope — without an accompanying word of explanation of any kind.

    “Unfortunately, in the United States, your left-wing Jewish forebears fought ferociously against the recognition of Israel and supported the US embargo on armaments to Israel which endangered the very survival of the newborn state of Israel.”

    This is much mistaken. There can be no doubt that the contemporary left would virulently and viciously oppose recognition of Israel if that were the issue before them TODAY. However, the cause of Jewish independence (and recognition) in 1947-49 was the very poster child of the American left (Jewish AND Gentile) .