The deal Trump is cooking

By Ted Belman

Secretary Tillerson said yesterday that Trump put enormous pressure on Abbas and Netanyahu. So where is Trump going? For the answer, look at the concessions he got from them.

Abbas agreed that Israel could keep Maaleh Adumin, Ariel and Gush Etzion. The Israel Cabinet agreed to allow some Arab building in area C and to not demolish illegal Arab construction. The Gulf states said they would normalize with Israel if Israel froze construction outside of the settlements.

I see a direction here as to where this is going.

There will be an agreement whereby Israel imposes a freeze outside the blocs providing she can build in the blocs and any where in Jerusalem. Abbas will agree to this because of the Israeli agreement not to demolish the illegal construction and to issue building permits for Arabs in Area C. The Gulf states will start the normalization process because of this deal.

That’s what this is all about.Jerusalem will remain under Israel control Security cooperation will remain and even strengthen as Israel has also agreed to more guns for the PA.

That is why Trump was silent on Jerusalem, a Palestinian state and the “occupation”.

With this agreement in place, everything will calm down, i.e. “peace” will have been achieved and the newly formed coalition of Israel with the Gulf States, Egypt and Jordan can go about the business of defeating terrorism and containing Iran.

Although Abbas has yet to publicly responded to Trump’s demand that financing of terrorism stop, I believe Trump will force him to do so.

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15 Comments / 15 Comments

  1. :
    The Arabs do not even honor their signed agreements; they get bribed with US tax dollars and military guarentees, in-perpetuity.

    What makes you think that they intend to follow through on their oral acceptances?

  2. @ Abolish_public_education:
    What matters is that this deal will be publicly announced by Trump. From then on Israel, with Trump’s blessing , will be able to build in all the settlements blocs and east Jerusalem. Talk about the “occupation” and “illegal” settlements will lessen. Also there will be some normalization with the Gulf states.

  3. What? It’s all taqiyya, even if a deal is inked and signed. It’s taqiyya from the Abbas and from the Saudis. Ted, I hope you haven’t gone soft!

  4. Ted, you seem to have forgotten who the Palestinians and Abbas are. Yes Trump wants to make a deal. Abbas does not want to make any deal the government of Israel would agree to. Points that can not be agreed upon by Abbas:

    1. Jerusalem (he will not agree to give up Old City, East Jerusalem, Holy Sites including Kotel and Temple Mount.
    2. Right of Return
    3. IDF stays in Judea/Samaria.
    4. Israel keeps all air and Sea rights
    5. Demilitarized PA State

    Abbas also will not suspend payments to the terrorists in Israeli prison because he would be driven out of Ramallah by his people, in-spite of Trumps pressure.

    There is NO AGREEMENT!

  5. I hope for the sake of all the Jews resident in the State of Israel that any such plan as attributed to President Trump falls flat on its collective ass. Any Arab state situated west of the Jordan River would be a permanent and dangerous enemy to everything involving the Jewish nation. Nobody but outright fools would endanger themselves or their families by moving to what would be left of Israel.

    I am not and never have been a person of hopes and dreams. I deal in cold reality. Nobody plays me for a sucker, and I hope the same holds true for the Jews elected to power in Israel. Nothing is easier for political fools to accomplish than the destruction of a small and threatened country.

    Get rid of this weak and incompetent fool Netanyahu. Replace him with a government that will maintain a steady and permanent flow of Jewish settlement to all parts of Area C. Along with that, terminate all Israeli connections with the Fatah gang. Replace that with empowerment of the separate hamulas who in fact are the real rulers of all the Arab-populated cities.

    And above all else, remember this: We, the American nation, elected Donald Trump for purposes of restoring the power of the United States of America, not necessarily as the Lord Protector of the Jewish state. You cannot survive as a state unless and until you build your own national independence. And that means independence from us over here, along with all others.

    In any case, don’t say you were not warned.

    Arnold Harris, Outspeaker

  6. Even though reasoned skepticism is warranted, I think that Ted has the better approach of thinking positively about how this could be a better way forward for the United States and Israel than the current public ambiguity about the emerging coalition. It’s interesting, it changes the narrative a bit, etc…

  7. Trump is arranging things so it will no longer be up to Abbas to stall a real agreement. He can ask for stuff but that carries no weight.@ Bear Klein:

  8. @ Sebastien Zorn:
    Obviously my prediction is a work in progress. After writing it I noticed both of those articles and they gave me pause. My primary concern while all these small adjustments are being recommended is whether Trump has accepted the idea that ’67 line plus swaps are the way to go ultimately. If Trump would support a different border while pushing for expanding A or B, I would be open to it if we get to extend our sovereignty there now. But it doesn’t look to me that he is rejecting the ’67 lines. He seems to be following the state department lines to the letter regarding Jerusalem and the proposed border. This is very problematic.

  9. I don’t have a problem with expanding A or B where illegal
    arab construction has taken place. This would reduce the number of arabs living in Area C. That’s a good thing even if C becomes a bit smaller.

    Secondly there should be reciprocity. If the arabs are given more building rights over parts of C so should the Jews. But this is not on the table.

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