It’s time to stop bad-mouthing those dubious about the vaccines

It’s time to stop bad-mouthing those dubious about the vaccines

By Brad Lena, AM THINKER

Describing people who decline the Covid-19 vaccines as anti-vaxxers is, at best, a misnomer or, at its worst, bigotry. It draws no distinction between those opposed to vaccines in general and those opposed to Covid vaccines.

Nevertheless, governments and the media use this descriptor to villainize those who suspect that these actors have less than good motives to justify destroying businesses, wiping out jobs, crippling the global supply chain, overseeing mounting collateral deaths, and suppressing civil, legal, and human rights—among other fallout from the effort to combat a bronchial virus with astonishingly high recovery rates and low mortality rates. Moreover, let’s not forget how these same efforts have led to massively expanding the command-and-control government.

Politics aside, vaccines are not equal. There are lots of important questions:

  • How do the various coronavirus vaccines compare to other vaccines?
  • How do these mRNA vaccines work and what is their impact on the body chemistry of those injected?
  • Did these vaccines undergo the same testing procedures, protocols, animal testing, etc., that we’ve come to expect for drugs newly on the market?
  • Did the vaccines receive standard FDA approval or approval under the Emergency Authorization Act?
  • Are any other vaccines routinely given broad legal immunity as their financial incentives?
  • What are the similarities or differences between the coronavirus and other viruses for which vaccines are designed to protect people from contagion?
  • Can those vaccinated still contract Covid-19 or spread it to others?

Those that question or decline the Covid vaccine are, at the least, are told to ‘adult up’ or be fired. Perhaps the ‘adult up’ reprimand should apply to subjecting the Covid vaccine, or any medical treatment, to due diligence akin to the criteria mentioned above.

Make no mistake—people die from/with Covid. Regrettably, the distinction between dying from Covid versus with Covid is regrettably given scant consideration. In any case, death is death. Data from the World Life Expectancy website reports that almost 4.8 million people have died worldwide from Covid-19 (and over 2.1 million recovered) The world population is 7,734,093,280.

Vaccine Mandate Will CostUs All

For context, if the global fatality was 1% that would mean around 77 million deaths.

Is the fact that deaths are substantially lower than 77 million suggest that it’s the Covid-19 vaccines’ efficacy at work or other factors?

Do complex issues such as this pandemic intertwined as it is politics, economics, civil/legal rights, mobility, etc. deserve thoughtful scrutiny?

To both questions, I would answer yes.

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  1. “Contrary” to Fauci claim, without innate and naturally acquired immunities, life would probably not exist on this planet.
    He knows better. Why then did he downplay the role of these two mechanisms?

  2. @peloni

    Medicare was not defunded. It was not a cut, but a delay.

    He promised to continue delaying it indefinitely (he couldn’t cancel it outright because the law wouldn’t allow it).

    Every month of not receiving that tax (“delaying”) was effectively defunding both Medicare and Social Security.

    I don’t trust anything, I check the information.

    I posted the links with this information several times.

    Reforms are not started by defunding programs on which one hundred million people is relying.

    Just because you don’t need it doesn’t mean no one else does.

    He wanted to KILL THESE PROGRAMS, like all the politicians do (they stole funds from them for decades).

    Medicare is not failing, the US government is.

    The US gov’t’s only function at this point is to be the fist of the giant corporations.

  3. @Reader
    Medicare was not defunded. It was not a cut, but a delay. Further the delayed revenue was always part of Trumps plan to reform the system as he had reformed the VA and he planed to reform Obamacare. If you have a broken car and you object to a mechanic pursuing repairs, you are going to find yourself at 2028 with an empty fund. Trump listed his reform plan for the Medicare/Obamacare, and it was going to be significant, very much along the lines of the VA. There is so much waste and pointless costs built into the hospital care that you would be shocked. Furthermore, third parties handling items such as wheelchairs, will commonly ship out multiple wheelchairs, for example, and charge Medicare for the bill. Also, the regulations alone would have been enormously beneficial to the costs. And this is all beyond what he had already put into place with the Pharma reforms. You may accept the vilification about his reforms, but you should look more closely at what his plans actually were. And, again, he did it already with the VA. And nothing could be done to kill Medicare, as it was nearly dead already.

  4. the real answer explaining why Medicare is failing is due to the fact that the election was stolen

    As far as I can recall, President Trump started defunding both Medicare And Social Security by “postponing” the tax that funds them.

    I assume that you are not on Medicare, that’why you love those Medicare-killing “reforms”.

  5. @Reader

    Why is the Medicare fund called “failing”?

    If you watch the video, which I advise everyone to do, you will see that he makes a statement to this effect.

    Broadly, medicare is failing primarily due to the fact that the govt is running it. Govts, as opposed to a business owner or manager, have nothing to gain by running a business venture well, and might be well motivated thru some graft scheme in running it poorly. Also, political appointees or worse, civil servants, are tasked with managing business systems that they do not understand, usually with limited authority to bring about a proper management, and a political incentive to maintain a status quo, even if they have the knowledge and experience to repair a broken system, which they usually don’t. Beyond all of this, due to crippling regulations(read as “expensive”) and bureaucratic nonsense, serious change requires ridiculous delays which have to be balanced with the political catcalls of a manipulative press and politics in a 4yr run to a possible change in management. Furthermore, when any enterprise is run poorly, it creates incentives for corrupt practices to become institutionalized within the actual workings of the business – for an example, check out the Medicare system. When a corporation has a bad year, the CEO has to answer to the Board of Directors and the shareholders, possibly losing bonuses or facing termination. When a small company has a bad year, it means no trip to Disneyland, or possibly not paying the mortgage. When a govt enterprise has a bad year, the responsible parties plan a chartered trip to Hawaii where they discuss how badly they will do the next year – and the plane, the accommodations and the yearly loss are all charged to the public. Amtrac, Medicare, the Postal Service…do you notice a trend here? Govts excell at poor governance, and they suffer little for their inept business practices.

    More specifically, the US govt is the largest purchaser of pharmaceuticals in the world from pharmaceutical companies in the US which are financed by the US govt and whose drugs are monitored by boards that are, again, financed by these same pharmaceutical companies. In spite of this, and because of it, the US govt pays more for their drugs than the EU, the UK, or Canada. Per President Trump, the US pays more than anyone in the world. Due to this over-billing, which is due to the govt management of Medicare, and due to the over-burdensome regulations, which are due again to the govt management, result in Medicare being excessively over budget. President Trump turned the VA around in as a smaller version of the overhaul he intended for Medicare and which he had already begun before the fraudulent election. So, you ask why Medicare is failing? Its because it required reforms be put in place to both manage the costs, the regulations and the funding, and no one has had the political will to do so. Hence, the real answer explaining why Medicare is failing is due to the fact that the election was stolen and the Pharma fat-cats are still getting fat off of sucking the financial life-stream out of the American public.

  6. @peloni

    Dr. Martin’s latest video… He also relates the massive deaths to the failing Medicare fund and describes many other details and how they all relate.

    Why is the Medicare fund called “failing”? (In case it is your personal opinion here.)

  7. The immune systems of the vast majority of people who have been infected with the CCP virus will continue to carry antibodies against the virus for at least 12 months{ie natural immunity}, according to a peer-reviewed study accepted by the European Journal of Immunology on Sept. 24.

    Scientists at the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare studied the presence of antibodies in 1,292 subjects after eight months of infection. They found that 96 percent of the subjects still carried neutralizing antibodies and 66 percent still carried a type of antibody called nucleoprotein IgG.

    The scientists then investigated antibody levels one year after infection by randomly selecting 367 subjects from the original cohort who had not yet been vaccinated. Eighty-nine percent of the subjects still carried neutralizing antibodies, and 36 percent still carried the IgG antibody{one year after infection}.

    Antibody levels were higher in subjects who experienced severe COVID-19 disease. Compared to those who had mild disease, these subjects had two to seven times as many antibodies for at least 13 months after infection.

    “Studies of individuals who have recovered from [CCP virus] infection are crucial in determining for how long antibodies persist after infection and whether these antibodies protect against re-infection,” the scientists wrote (pdf).

    Despite lasting protection against the wild-type CCP virus, the study found that the neutralization efficiency against the Alpha, Beta, and Delta variants waned over time. The reduction in efficiency was “considerably declined” for the Beta variant and was “only slightly reduced” against the Alpha variant. For the Delta variant, which is the dominant strain in the United States, the study found that 80 percent of the subjects still had immune protection 12 months after infection.

    This study employed a reactive titration system to demonstrate that the antibodies were not just present but also actually active against the virus which adds to the significance of these findings.

    The study noted that similar to the vax, natural immunity was associated with a drop in IgA antibodies(found in saliva and nasal passages). It also showed that following a peak at one month, the antibodies of natural immunity in the blood, like those associated with the vax, will begin to decline. Here is where things diverge between the antibodies in the vaccinated and the antibodies in natural immunity. The antibodies associated with natural immunity declines more slowly with time after the first few months, while the vaccine antibodies continue a more significant drop. The authors relate this to the establishment of plasma cells(mature antibody secreting cells which are different from the more temporary antibody secreting – plasmablasts – that first respond following the primary infection) later in the disease process. This is believed to be the distinguishing marker between the vaccinated antibody continued rapid decline and the Covid recovered antibodies more gradual decline, such that natural immunity antibodies are still present in significant levels upto 13month and counting. It should be noted also that we don’t know if natural immunity is associated with a memory response – where the immune system responds, via additional antibodies or cytoxic Tcells, beyond the diminishing free floating antibodies.

    This was a very interesting and important study. It also is not the first to look at these matters and part of their findings were confirmed by previous research, which is always helpful. I am very interested in seeing something along the lines of this study being conducted on the vaccinated breakthrough cases who survive both the vaccine and the virus.
    Here is the original study:

  8. @Raphael
    Your kind words are very generous, I think. I only aim to add some relevance to the always stimulating conversations here on Israpundit.

  9. @peloni1986 I deem your comments (on just about everything) to be as important as the articles themselves. Thanks.

  10. Everyone should listen to Dr. Martin’s latest video – yes its the bow tie guy analyzing the patents. He expands upon more details including thousands of new patents being applied for in recent weeks and where this is all going and how it might turn out(can’t say I am convinced on his conclusion here). He also relates the massive deaths to the failing Medicare fund and describes many other details and how they all relate. Very interesting.

    The video will be deleted in about 38hrs, so watch it before then. Mercola deletes all his postings after 48hrs.

    Here is the link:

  11. The divisions between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated should be seen in a proper context of being a distraction from reality. Further than this, though, the distraction also serves in creating a base upon which the villains behind this entire virus enterprise actually rely upon to support their continuing agenda while defending their continued authority and subsequent societal upheavals.

    Quite simply, the vaccinated are not immune and the unvaccinated are not immune. Simultaneously, there are some within both the vaccinated and unvaccinated communities who are each immune to the effects of the virus. It does appear, with greater clarity now, that the vaccinated will have significant immunity failures quite early and that they will also serve as super-spreaders due to a delayed onset of symptoms during which they appear to be not only PCR+ but may also be increasingly infectious, to a surprising level over time(see British retro study I shared 2 days ago). Also, there are some within the vaccinated masses who have suffered and died by the thousands from their vaccination of which the unvaccinated have no threat. These obvious distinctions and similarities lack any rational basis to vilify either of these groups with a causation of the viral outbreaks by any of us.

    The actual cause for these matters lie within the responsibilities of those govt agencies who have employed the standards that have manipulated the tools and agencies of public health against the very public they are employed to protect. None should perceive their vaccination status as a basis to distract anyone into thinking that these people have not harmed you or your loved ones – they planned this catastrophe, they purposefully mismanaged the early response, and they perpetrated the murder of millions who have died without any but a toxic treatment(Remdisivir). Further they have enriched themselves and their allies by disguising a vaccine as being safe and effective against a disease that few have any concerns of succumbing to even while they received only this toxic care. We have all been victims of their purposefully plied plague upon the world.

    By allowing ourselves to be split into camps of political divisions based on something so silly as these differences as I listed above would be as meaningful as becoming angry that either the elderly or the obese are villians for being more susceptible to the virus. We should focus our shared anger and our collective outrage into a fine point of inquiry to determine all those who are responsible for these crimes and meriting a just retribution. These would not include your unvaccinated neighbor or your vaccinated cousin – they are each an additional victim of this same charade distracting us all at the moment. The virus makes us sick and we have no control of this point given the remedies are proscribed by the villains behind this plague. Still, the virus doesn’t have to make us mentally dull, principally corrupt or foolishly manipulated unless we choose to be so.