What is going on in Jordan?

By Ted Belman

Mudar Zahran tweeted 6 hours ago:

A report from an American intelligence establishment confirms: Imad Al-Adwan was close to the king and cooperating with the intelligence, and his investigation reveals shocking evidence of the Hashemite regime’s involvement in supporting terrorist movements with money and weapons. Foreign Minister Ali Baba Safadi has been trying to communicate with his Israeli counterpart and the Prime Minister’s office since the morning, to no avail. The Director of Hashemite Intelligence contacted the Mossad, begging for the release of the aggression. The Israelis want to know the chain of command controlling Imad Al-Adwan in Amman, which has become certain to be directly linked to the office of Ali Baba himself…

Abed Amaala tweeted 4 hours ago:

Almost confirmed information about the involvement of dozens of people from the Hashemite government in the case of smuggling weapons and gold, in which MP Imad Al-Adwan was arrested in Israel. Some of those involved in it are agencies from the Jordanian intelligence and military intelligence, the Royal Hashemite Court and the Hashemite family, and some of them are from the private sector and escape from them outside Jordan. The upcoming political options include the abdication of King Abdullah II from power and the end of the Hashemite guardianship over Al-Aqsa and the Islamic and Christian holy sites in Jerusalem.

I wrote to Mudar the following:


I have trouble believing this tweet.
Why involve Mansour?
Why not just wait until he abdicates?
Why not just replace the Jordanian wakf?
If you simply reported that the money was to get him to abdicate without resistance it would be more believable except why so much money?
Why any money?
If the deal was in fact done, why is he still making trouble?
What is the real deal?

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  1. Mudar just gave an update:

    Western intelligence sources:
    “The Jordanian representative of aggression tweets like a canary,”
    “He told the Israelis about everything and confirmed that he was only carrying out the orders of the Jordanian intelligence.”
    “The recorded testimonies of aggression expose the involvement of the king and his regime in supplying weapons to Hamas in the West Bank and fueling the fire of armed conflicts between Palestinian factions.” Some of the weapons previously supplied by the aggression were used in recent terrorist operations.