Israel’s remarkable growth in 75 years

By Ted Belman

Graph of Israel’s GDP from 1960 to 2021

On Israel’s 75 anniversary of it founding, I want to share some striking statistics with you.

According to this graph Israel’s GDP went from about $200 Billion in 2009 to $488 Billion in 2021. And the per capita GDP approximately doubled to $52,170 in 2021.

The GDP is expected to exceed $568 Billion this year with a GDP per capita of over $58,000. Ranking it as the 14 largest in the world.

I made Aliya in 2009.  At the time, I couldn’t help but notice that most cars I saw were old and small. Also there was a chronic water shortage and people were urged to reduce their consumption.

Today all the cars seem larger and newer. And citizens no longer are urged to reduce consumption of water.

Israel public debt burden slides to 60.9% of GDP in 2022

Israel’s public debt fell in 2022 to 60.9% of gross domestic product from 68.0% in 2021, the Finance Ministry said on Wednesday, citing strong economic growth and a budget surplus.”

This is a remarkably low number.

This can be compared with other countries here.

The Debt to GDP ratio is about 140 in the US and 120% in Canada and Western Europe.

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