The Ties That Bind

Connecting China, Ukraine, Global Warming, the Trump Indictments & Monetary Theory


Monetary theory posits that a change in money supply is a key driver of economic activity. It challenges progressive media theory, whereas everything progressives claim is so, is usually the exact opposite of what is so.

What is so is:


Each year China sells America tens, hundreds of billions of dollars worth of solar cells, windmills, turbines, EVs, batteries, generators, transformers, steel and concrete to build electrical infrastructure purported to be less costly and more efficient than rubbing two sticks together to start fires.

The nation’s existing electrical infrastructure connects to the Internet, electric vehicles and their computers, batteries for EVs, steel deliveries for rail tracks, and even to the locomotives China built that run on these tracks. China constructs the ships delivering these goods to the ports and railroads in south, central and north America the Chinese communist party-allied businesses purchased from us and now own. Democrats facilitated the Chinese to build these, or sold to them, facilities from which, freight using fossil fuel deliver these products to their respective assembly sites and factories in the United States.

China controls our electric grid, TVs, cell phones, internet communications, security cameras, computers, stoves no longer using gas, microchips in our cars – and our cars, furnaces, road, air and RR signal infrastructure manufactured in China, our military apparatus that runs on electricity generated by Chinese equipment, and our lives.


We pay China trillions in America’s current and future prosperity and security for this opportunity so China does not shut down our nation.

One could not think up a system more profitable than this scheme that began with Bill Clinton, and is continuing with Al GoreJohn KerryHillary and Joe Biden – all of whom have self-dealt and profited from the China trade.

This sequence in fact cannot be broken and is better known as, RES IPSA LIQUITUR, or self-evident, or better as…


For this scheme to continue we elect politicians not named Donald Trump to facilitate the transfer of America’s jobs, businesses, and wealth, in return for tens of millions in bribes the Chinese, Russians, and Ukrainians pay politicians not named Donald Trump.

Trillions are at stake. That’s why Donald Trump and his movement must be destroyed now!

That is why every Republican president gets conspicuously charged by the Democrats who’ve been profiting from corruption with the very crimes the Democrats have already committed.

This exchange finances Russia’s war in Ukraine, as well as America’s military industrial complex. Accordingly, the USA and Russia can test their latest military hardware on other people who do the dying.

Meanwhile, China regularly pilfers America’s R&D to build their own version of American weapons. Europe too, has a grand opportunity to rebuild Ukraine’s destroyed infrastructure and get rich by opening commercial markets earlier restricted to it.

Behind all this commercial and military activity is the “GGG” the Gore-Greta-Global Warming cult – All About Global Warming.

This cult is meant for devotees of this truest of all religions that worships Selene, the ancient Greek’s moon god, Poseidon, the ancient Greek’s sea god, and most of all Gaia, the ancient Greek’s earth god – vide Earth Day!

Connecting these explain why Barack Obama built a Greek Temple for himself he modeled HERE for himself, and built for himself HERE.

His rejection of a Judeo-Christian god and human reproduction is why he told the American people 46 times “That’s not who we are!”

He meant we are Greeks.

And since according to Barry we are “…not who we are,” the Kenyan-born gay man proceeded to “Fundamentally Change America” to the much higher standards of Kenya where he was born.

The pollution from China’s private and manufacturing sector is easily twenty-fold the volume of pollution from US-manufactured gas stoves, furnaces, and cars and buses that run on gasoline and fossil fuel.

In an epic outburst of reason, America cleaned up the air passing over it by taxing its commercial activity and citizens with vastly more polluted air wafting in from China, whose commercial activity has been creating half the world’s pollution.

America’s chief global warming alarmists enabled China’s pollution by denying Americans products that don’t pollute and cost less, such as gas stoves and gas furnaces; and by coercing Americans to purchase at far higher cost Chinese green energy products manufactured by burning coal and oil.

China builds more new coal plants than rest of the world combined : NPR

Air Pollution: Chinese And American Cities In Comparison [Infographic] FORBES

The Gore-Greta-Global Warming Cult’s opportunistic ideologues fly around in private jets spewing carbon on a mission to convince western society to give up their prosperity, just to make China, these self-same billionaires, and the cult’s leaders, fabulously rich.

In return for creating more than half of the world’s pollution, warming, ocean level rise, melting ice caps, methane and other poisons, we reward China with the future of our children. Trillions every year in trade imbalances.

Any reasonable person named Bill and Hillary Clinton, Al Gore, Barack and Michelle Obama, John and Theresa Kerry, and Joe & Jill Biden, would tell you this arrangement makes great sense because we can now feel better about ourselves.

Meanwhile the climate alarmists happen to be the same people (investors and politicians) who profit with billions from the unaccounted-for money flowing in from offshore LLCs to the Biden Crime Family.

The media puppet masters distract you with CRT, Black Lives Matter, antiFa, Hollywood, NETFLIX, LBGTQXYZ deviance, the WAR in Ukraine, race riots, talking heads at CNN & MSDNC, Trump derangement, and the serial indicting of a president for the crime of talking about an election he had clearly won. The latest indictment being the re-litigation of the illegally-constituted January 6th Commission’s two years’ failed “investigation.”

A first in U.S. History – explained in this FBI informants’ video.

To “win” the next “totally honest” election (the Democrat’s characterization), the sitting president, channeling Stalin, ordered the serial indictment of the former president who fervently opposes sending America’s wealth to China to enrich the Gores, Clintons, Kerrys, Obamas and the Bidens at the nation’s expense.

Joe Biden Directed His Attorney General to Prosecute His Chief Rival – NY TIMES

Poll: Donald Trump Leads Joe Biden by 18 Points Among Independents

Poll: Majority of GOP Voters Support Former President Donald Trump in Primary

These are the reasons for the serial indictments in a nutshell, and nothing else!

Not reporting on the news you see here (as the major corporate media has certainly avoided it for years) is otherwise known as “election interference” and “an assault on democracy” not perpetrated by Donald Trump, his family, or his party.

The Biden Crime Family Archives

Joe Biden, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, James Comey, Bill Brennan and their media are best understood by watching their hapless, often hysterical puppets breathlessly defend them at CNN & MSNBC, NY Times & Washington Post, BBC, and DW. Not reporting that the cited above have been the actual persons perpetuating the very crimes of which they had accused Donald Trump, Trump’s family, FOX News, Republicans in general, and the January 6th protesters.

Media Covering Up Their Own Scandal of Suppressing Biden Family Coverage

These assaults on American common sense, freedom of speech, assembly and voting rights, constitute treason and sabotage from within, election interference, and an assault on democracy by self-dealing unregistered agents working for enemy businesses and governments.

For if Trump gets re-elected, it’s NO MORE BUSINESS AS USUAL!

Peter Schweizer: We’re Seeing the End of Joe Biden’s Career

Trump beats Biden in general election, dominates GOP field, poll shows

“Trump would beat Biden in a head-to-head matchup by a margin of 45 to 40 percent — with a crucial 16% of voters undecided.”

Donald Trump would win, and would have won in 2020 in a landslide, had it not been for the Deep State corruption, self-dealing, election interference, tampering with the machinery of Democracy and state’s voting laws, and the enrichment of a few wholly corrupt elites who received favors, bribes, and whatnot at the nation’s expense.


“Progressives” tell us they’re worried about insurrections that never happened, ignoring the coup against Donald Trump that did. To prove it, they have adopted the ancient Greek’s Global Warming earth worship religion.

What progressives are not worried about are America’s sanity, safety, security, and prosperity being shipped to Beijing on container tankers.

“Corruption is a cancer” said Joe Biden, to remind us.

© Andrew G. Benjamin is in finance, real estate and equities, a former advisor to New York City mayor ‘s office (Subcommittee on Taxation, Finance and the Budget). Benjamin wrote extensively about politics, transnational and domestic, intelligence and military affairs, security and strategy, economic issues, Mideast, terrorism, technology and high end audio.

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