In praise of UN WATCH

By Ted Belman

UN Watch, under the management of Hillel Neuer, recently brought the wife of jailed Russian dissident to the UNGA

In appreciation Leon Kushner wrote to him:

I am a big fan of yours and have been for decades. I very much appreciate the hard and thankless work you do, calling out the UN for its constant obscene attacks against our Jewish state.<

I want you to succeed. Please keep this in mind as you read further.<

I am well aware of who Putin is. Amongst other things he is a bully and corrupt.

That said, so are many (perhaps most) world leaders today. My own PM, Trudeau in Canada is no less so. Obviously so is Biden and his colleagues who run a very corrupt administration in the US. Let me point out a difference. I wouldn’t call Putin an antisemite. Would you? Antisemites don’t buy their Jewish grade school teacher a condo in Israel.

The war in Ukraine is complex. One can’t simply blame Putin for starting that war as there were many legitimate reasons that help explain why he did. I will not bother to get into that here and now but please feel free to do your own objective research.

As I’m sure you must know, Zelensky and Ukraine are as corrupt as they come. According to a non-partisan organization, Ukraine is twice as corrupt as Russia. More important though is that Ukraine is rife with antisemitism. Neo Nazis and self hating Jews like Zelenksy are running the country. The progeny of vile antisemitic Ukrainians who were running around killing our parents during, after and well before WWII are now running Ukraine. I’m all on board with Russia going after each and every one of them. They didn’t forget what the nazis did to them and neither did I or my late Holocaust surviving parents.

I was one of the first to write about this aspect of the war on my blog Leon’s: The World is Upside Down  which has almost 53,000 views and counting. I urge you to read it.

So to the point: I too would not advocate for Russia to be on the UN’s human right’s council. But I would not make too big a point over it. As I stated earlier, who should belong there today? Almost the entire West has lost any vestiges of moral clarity, if in fact we had any. Better yet we should all defund and disband the UN entirely. It is beyond fixing, it’s that broken.<

Instead I urge you to stay razor focused on your wonderful efforts to combat antisemitism within the vile UN. Keep up your good work in calling out the UN for their obvious hatred of Jews and Israel. Please do not get caught up in the Ukraine war. It could cause you and your organization strife in the coming years and it dilutes what I and many of your supporters thought was your raison d’etre ‘fighting antisemitism in the UN’.

And so did Howard Bockner:

 I fully concur with Mr. Kushner. As anti-Semitic as Russia has been over the centuries when European Jews had no place to go (and no place included Britain, British controlled Palestine, Canada, U.S., etc.) they were allowed into Russia. This is while Ukrainians joyfully participated in and conducted on their own some of the worst atrocities against Jews, wiping out an estimated 1.5 million Jewish men, women and children.

“Jewish” front man Zelensky is a willing, corrupt stooge for the West and Ukrainian neo-Nazis. He is a disgrace and needs to be called out.

This doesn’t exonerate Putin but there is little balance in reporting in our media. This needs to change.

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