International Red Crossis not doing its duty toward Israelis held hostage by Hamas

Since the Israeli hostages were seized by the Hamas terrorists, no one knows of their condition or whereabouts. We have little information of who was murdered and who remains alive. Authorities are not even sure of the number of captives involved.

The International Red Cross is tasked with tracking those being held captive in times of war and ensuring they are being treated humanely and are being provided appropriate medical care. The Red Cross is obligated to make every effort to visit the captives and directly ensure their rights under international law.

However, the Red Cross is refusing to carry out these duties on behalf of the Israeli hostages. They are completely turning a blind eye to their plight and condition. They are ignoring the rights of the families.

The biased Red Cross is abandoning its duty to Israel!

Please watch this video and contact the Red Cross and demand to know what they are doing to ensure the safety and well-being of the Israeli captives.  Also write and call their headquarters in Geneva. 
Please forward this video to everyone that you know.
October 13, 2023 | Comments »

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