“The US is examining the possibility of a settlement process and an agreement between Israel and Lebanon”

Peloni: The US is looking to solidify their move to reverse the recognition of Israel’s annexation of the Golan which was begun over the  summer as they further their realignment towards Iran at Israel’s expense.  They are even employing the same diplomat who pushed thru Israel’s capitulation on the gas deal while doing so.  As Michael Doran notes, “This is very bad” for Israel.”

Bibi must not be manipulated into capitulating to American demands as Bennet and Lapid did with the Maritime deal.

Aksi see Tony Badran’s comments at the bottom.

Google translation:

*Breaking: The US is examining the possibility of a settlement process and an agreement between Israel and Lebanon on the land border between them, similar to the maritime border agreement signed in 2022, Israeli officials say. They said that White House official Amos Hochstein, who was a key mediator in obtaining the maritime border deal and has been dealing with reducing the chance of escalation in the north since October 7, examining the possibility of convening a similar mechanism to reach an agreement in the border disputes between Beirut and Jerusalem. These disputes refer, among other things, to Mount Dov. The National Security Council and the US Embassy in Tel Aviv did not respond to the matter.

The formal purpose of such an agreement would be to regulate the border issues, which are the official claim that Hezbollah makes against Israel in the domestic Lebanese arena. But senior Israeli officials said that, in fact, the goal is to permanently remove Hezbollah from the border through “powerful” diplomatic means, so that Israel and the IDF are not forced into a military campaign on the northern border. The Biden administration made it clear to Israel at the time that it would not support an Israeli preemptive strike against Hezbollah, and President Biden went out of his way to Send a credible threat that will deter Hezbollah from expanding the war it is already waging against Israel – among other things in public speeches, and sending an aircraft carrier and other forces to the region.


A senior Israeli told me this evening – Israel is always in favor of dialogue with Lebanon. We made it clear to the Americans.

Here is Tony Badran’s assessment of this move:



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  1. I watched a video with Caroline Glick discussing this idea. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YGnZqUyIzx0
    She discusses both campus antisemitism and calls for genocide along with the Biden intention to force Israel to give territory declared as sovereign Israeli territory under Trump to Hezbollah.

    The idea would be a complete and total defeat for Israel, which would be giving Hezbollah territory that is ISRAEL’S. For what? For being good genocidal terrorists?

    It is an insane idea that I hope Israel ignores. This US government is doing all it can to carve up Israel and feed it to Iranian proxies. I have never seen anything like this in my life.

    Not only are calls for genocide of the Jews going on all over the US in universities with many communities canceling lighting of Hanukkah candles “over safety concerns,” but the US government is conspiring with Iran, Hezbollah, Qatar, and the Palestinians to jettison the State of Israel “from the river to the sea.”

    The head of the US Civil Rights Division of the DOJ appointed by Biden is herself an antisemite!

    That is why nothing has been done on campuses to make them safe for Jews to attend classes or teach classes.

    It is beginning to feel eerily like 1930’s Germany here in America.

  2. I am not surprised. The Obama/Biden team are doing all they can to weaken and undermine Israel while they strengthen Iran, Hezbollah, the PA, UNWRA, etc.

    Israel needs to de-couple her military from the US. Otherwise Israel will be squeezed to death from all directions, all in the name of “saving Israel.”

    The head of the snake is in Washington DC and Iran and they are working together. The American people have no say.