Avivi: The Concept of “Settlement” in Gaza and in the North

Peloni: Avivi condemns what he desribes as the concept of “settlement”, behind which he explains there is only one thing, “losing the war and leaving Hamas intact without achieving the goals of the war, including the failure to return all of the abductees, not to mention Hamas’s ability to re-strengthen endlessly.”  He goes on to explain that this concept will include the notion that Hezbollah is dettered in an attempt to lure the Northern residents to return to their homes.  Avivi warns that this concept will only lead to new fighting in the north and the south and that the only solution to be had is, for the south, to meet the war aims as previously established, and for the north, a campaign pressing Hezbollah back beyond the Litani river.  He rebukes the politicians who are involving themselves in petty politics as they fail to appreciate the magnitude of the threat facing the nation.

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July 11, 2024 | 1 Comment »

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  1. I fully agree. Hostages all 50 of them must not force from Kaplan St. to committing larger national disaster. Israel must act harshly against sedition and mobs. Islamic Jihad must be crushed without remorse. Remember October 7th.