“Land for War” Deal or “Palestine for Bomb” Deal

By Ted Belman

The internet magazine, Insight, has reported that the U.S. has offered Israel a “A Land For War” deal.

It seems that Rice, acting with the approval of Bush, has informed Olmert that if Israel cedes Judea and Samaria and most of Jerusalem, the US will launch a military strike against Iran.

This reminded me about a post on September 26/07 Are Palestine and Iran linked? Dov Weisglass reported they were. Read the post and comments.

Just today I had a conversation with Jerry Gordon on the likelihood of the US bombing Iran rather than living with the bomb. We used to expect the former but now suspect the latter.

The question arises can Israel’s willingness to create Palestine be the tipping point that commits the US to bomb Iran?

I never thought that the creation of the coalition of the losers that Rice talks about to confront Iran was of any moment. To suggest it, was merely to apply pressure on Israel. But the US is not worried about bombing Iran. It doesn’t need a coalition for that. An agreement beforehand with this coalition though, might help in reducing the blowback all over the world that the US and EU are so worried about.

Can it be that Palestine really is the tipping point?

Would it really help the US to deal with the fallout.

Can it be that a majority of Jewish Israelis would accept the Saudi Plan, as horrendous as it is, as preferable to having to deal with an Iranian bomb?

Or is it more likely that the acceptance of this lopsided deal in which Israel gives everything for a hudna only, is the price Iran is demanding for abandonning nuclear weapons and a price that the US is willing to force Israel to pay?


November 16, 2007 | 12 Comments »

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