A Line of Defense Against Mail-in Ballot Fraud

By Jay Valentine, AM THINKER

One of the best things about a segment on the War Room, after virtually meeting Steve Bannon, is the incoming mail two days later.

The RNC, the Trump Campaign, almost every Republican state party chairperson believes the road to 2024 electoral victory is to “out-ballot-harvest the left.” It’s hard to argue with absolute nonsense.  To the rescue, however, comes a retired mail carrier who sent the following message:

Message: I am a retired mail man.

I just saw your War Room interview.
I now know where the mules got their ballots. Straight from the post office in returned/undeliverable mail.
While I have zero proof of where they ended up, I had those ballots you were talking about in my mail bag with wrong addresses or lacking apartment numbers or even people that moved and still had ballots delivered to their old apartment.
We put those ballots in a basket and someone came by and picked them up.
Hundreds or even thousands of ballots.
Who picked them up, where did they go?
Now we know why signature match was removed…
Someone needs to investigate the post office and their democratic union run activities.

Tell us, RNC, how are you going to beat this?

The only way to stop the government, in particular the United States Post Office, from gathering hundreds of thousands of loose ballots, all of which go somewhere other than to Republican candidates — is to stop those ballots in the first place.

We know, from numerous sources, that the Post Office is one of several ballot-gathering apparatuses of the Left.  How much ballot harvesting at evangelical churches is needed to make up for government-sponsored ballot harvesting — industrial scale?

A key to winning in 2024 is to identify every, or as close to every as technology and diligent work can enable — every ballot being sent out that will land in that “basket” that “somebody” later picked up.


Jay Valentine led the team that built the eBay fraud detection engine and the TSA No-Fly List.  His Fractal team is currently working with several state legislatures to identify identity fraud in voter rolls, Medicaid and WIC rolls, FEC contribution mules.  Jay can be reached at Omega4America.com and his Twitter is @OmeAmerica17300

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