A policy to sink one’s teeth into.

A Saudi Strategy

New York Sun Editorial

Reading over the weekend of the latest contretemps involving the Saudis — whether to sell them $20 billion worth of weapons — we found ourselves retrieving Max Singer’s celebrated op-ed piece calling for independence for the Eastern Province. The piece, one of the most remarked upon we’ve ever run, appeared in the April 26, 2002, number of The New York Sun and advanced a radical proposition. It posited that once President Bush attacked and toppled Saddam Hussein’s regime in Iraq, “a much bigger step will have been taken in the effort to head off militant Islam before it is too late.”

Mr. Singer argued that one essential measure would be to stop the flow of Wahabi money from Saudi Arabia and pointed out that the Wahabis are but a small minority of the population of the oil-rich Eastern Province, where all the Saudi money comes from and where a substantial minority of Saudi Shiites are subjugated to the Al Saud’s rule and treated as inferiors even though they do much of the work in the oil industry. He argued for splitting the Eastern Province from the rest of today’s Saudi Arabia — with our help.

Now that is a policy to sink one’s teeth into, and never more so than at the current moment so riddled with contradictions. CONTINUE

July 31, 2007 | 2 Comments »

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2 Comments / 2 Comments

  1. Anyone who doubts the catastrophic influence of Saudi-funded Wahhabism simply hasn’t been paying attention. I track stories from across the globe as they pertain to Saudi Arabia and their funding of militant, extremist Wahahbi (Salafi) Islam at my blog, Wahaudi. If the quantity and quality of information doesn’t convince you, nothing will.

  2. Splitting Saudi Arabia is a great idea; anything that would be a thorn in the side of an evil regime would be a good development (Bush conveniently and strategically left Saudi off his Axis of Evil list but, in the interest of truth, I will not).

    Another good idea for all those in the ME who really want peace and to solve the Israel-Palestinian problem is to generously resettle the Palestinians in Western Iraq and create the first ever Palestinian state in Al Anbar province. The Palestinians would have lots of room among their Sunni friends (recall the love, support and allegiance the Palestinians gave to Saddam).

    Instead of arming Saudi, the Gulf States, Egypt and Jordan to the teeth with billions in sophisticated weapons (that will find their way into terrorist hands and be fired at Israel at a future date) the US needs to think creatively – something that does not come easily to American politicians and military planners.

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