A terrible line was crossed at Annapolis.

by Pamela Geller, INN

Last week, a line was crossed. A terrible line was crossed at Annapolis. With the world looking on, the President of the United States sponsored Judeophobia. Jew-hatred was okay, understandable even.

Under the auspices of a global “peace” conference, the White House sanctioned Jew-hatred. The Jew is contemptible, inferior, ignorant, politically and socially disenfranchised: separate entrance ways, service entrances for the Jews, refusal to touch or shake hands with a Jew, refusal of audience members to wear the translation earphones when Ehud Olmert spoke.

[..] Submitting to Saudi demands, the Americans prohibited Israeli representatives from entering the hall through the same door as the Arabs. Vile – all of it; sanctioned and institutionalized by the President of the United States. I thought George Bush was a Christian, a man of faith. Shocking. He has squandered his second term and has not acted in good faith. We did not elect him to carry Condi’s water.

It is unfathomable to consider this with any other race, creed or color. Imagine separate entrances for the leader of an African nation because a “white” leader refused to walk through the same door as the black man, because it would be unclean?

And Israel took it like the ghetto Jew. They should have walked out like any self-respecting human would have done. But no, they lowered the bar yet again. Offering all and getting nothing. Sheba Farms, Golan, Jerusalem – all of it in play. The post-Oslo Jew has returned to the pre-Holocaust mentality of the “ghetto Jew.” The Jew who doesn’t want to be noticed, the Jew who will do anything to appease those who hate us, just to live in peace. Instead of asserting our rights, our will, that we have a right, that we are the rightful heirs of Israel and Jerusalem, we are acting as if we have no rights. Instead, we are begging – begging – our enemies to recognize us and accept us!” Behaving like beggars! And the silence of American Jews – well, it’s the ghetto mentality mixed with those who have assimilated into American culture: the “let’s not rock the boat” crowd.

Continuing this tragedy, Condoleezza Rice later proclaimed, “I know what it’s like as a Palestinian.” Such willful stupidity is unacceptable in a US Secretary of State. Rice knows little about the history of the Middle East, the politics, the Koran, the Jews – none of it. This ignorant remark says it all. The Palestinians are not the blacks of the Civil Rights movement or era; Abbas is not the great non-violent civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King (what an insult to even think this!); and Dr. King was a Zionist, a lover of Israel and the Jewish people’s right to it. The Jews are not the KKK or the police with the dogs, either; this is not the old South, this the very violent, blood-lusting Middle East.

She doesn’t know what it means to be a Jew, to watch innocent people, babies, children, the old, the young, the tourist be blown to bits; shards of flesh flying in every direction, blood, guts strewn everywhere, missing body parts, and the survivors, with nails, nuts and bolts throughout their bodies, marred for life. My dear friend Wolf nailed it when she she said Rice doesn’t know what it’s like to have monsters throwing rocks at your car as you drive, to have bombs thrown at you, to live under constant mortar fire and have to spend the night in a bomb shelter. She doesn’t know the feeling of the parents who lost their sons when the boys went on a hike near where they lived, only to be brutally murdered by barbarians who had bashed in their heads beyond all recognition. They were left to be discovered in a cave. She knows rien, nothing.

A line in the sand was crossed last week. And anyone who claims that Annapolis was a big yawn and that nothing would come of it is living in the land of unicorns and moonbeams. The Jew as dhimmi was made official and the world was there to bear witness. Moreover, Israel laid down. Sheba Farms, Golan, Jerusalem – all were thrown on the table like so many marbles.

Bat Yeor was dead right in her reply when I asked her what had become of the people of Israel: “Israel is unworthy of her ancestors.”

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  1. The post-Annapolis judgments are happening. See this video of the Pacific Northwest Storm where many people in Oregon and Washington lost their homes. Those in J&S are to lose their homes because of Annapolis. This was the response: http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=1fd_1197094816

    See this article and video about the heartland, “Ice coats nation’s midsection.” America shows a cold heart towards Israel and gets a response: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/22173398/

    Notice how many times in both videos people say this is the worst they have ever seen.

    Ps 105:6 O ye seed of Abraham his servant, ye children of Jacob his chosen. 7 He is the LORD our God: his judgments are in all the earth.

    Ge 12:2 And I will make of thee a great nation, and I will bless thee, and make thy name great; and thou shalt be a blessing: 3 And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed.

    A similar flood occurred in July 2004 in the Bay of Plenty in New Zealand following the liberal PM breaking off diplomatic relations with Israel. Millions of dollars of damage occurred because of the flooding.

  2. Pamela wrote:

    Submitting to Saudi demands, the Americans prohibited Israeli representatives from entering the hall through the same door as the Arabs. Vile – all of it; sanctioned and institutionalized by the President of the United States

    For people unacquainted with peace negotiations it is easy to perceive this as discriminatory or inflammatory behaviour, especially when it is described in such terms. But in fact this phenomenon happens once in a while in international diplomacy, especially where two extremely antagonistic parties have agreed to meet for the first time after a war without trying to kill each other, and where it may be advantageous, at least for a time, to have coffee breaks and time outs in separate locations. It therefore may not have been quite as horrible as it sounds.

  3. Pamela Geller is repeating a charge made by Caroline Glick in the Jerusalem Post. The issue of separate doors is so inflammatory that it should be documented. Does anyone know of an eye witness or some other documentation that this really happened?

  4. One can make the argument that the Nazis were only interested in gold fillings (along with Renoirs and prime storefront property in Berlin).

    The distinction will be of little value to the Jews of Israel if Bush has his way.

  5. Shalom Charles,

    Re para 1; we’re probably in near-total agreement in all of this.

    These telegraph keys do not substitute for meetings in person. I’ve frequently asked Ted to get us a log cabin hotel in the Canadian Rockies where we could delve into these matters in depth.

    I NEVER deal in morality in re politics – and especially in re international relations.

    Yes, indeed, Bush 43 is a Rockefeller Republican. So is Senator Jay Rockefeller, Democrat, West Virginia. It’s important to know the political order of battle.

    You’re making a mistake using “Nazi” as a calibration. Pres Bush is no more anti-Jewish than Sen Clinton. Show up with some grocery bags of money and the Kippas will appear along with the Mad Dog 20 – 20 syrup wine.

    Kol tuv,

  6. South

    If the point of your (typically) obscurantist post is that Bush is not entirely alone in his oil profiteering at the expense of the people of Israel and the vast majority of Americans who do not similarly benefit, I will not disagree with you.

    If you believe that justifies his immorality and duplicity (or your passivity) when millions of lives are at stake, then there is no point in carrying on an exchange with you.

    You once insisted that Bush is a “Rockefeller Republican”.

    I say, he is the grandson of a Nazi trader.

    We are witnessing the latter phenotype.

  7. Shalom Charles,

    I’ll aaddress your substantive points but omit your slanders.

    My theme is that B43 & Co. address national issues as per the political process. Various voices, from the senior Senator from New York to the junior Senator from California, are accepted.

    America’s 6 million Jews, for the most part, do not participate in the process. They are steadfast Democrat voters and financial contributors.

    The cost of the war is run with deficit funding. It’s nominal to the current budgets. It will only affect later generations.

    US energy “independence” is a difficult to impossible situaton because of the Houston – New York City petrodolar axis. There are preexisting long-term oil contracts involving the Arabs.

    LBJ closed down the first nuclear cargo ship, the N.S. Savannah, faster than you can say “Abe Fortas”. The Houston-New York City petrodollar axis was thrilled.

    The Arab oil barons are well positioned, having bought into Capitol Hill, Washington, D.C.

    OK, I’lll spare you the alarmist tripe.

    Please do not spare me the alarmist situation that it’s only foreign holdings.

    Scarsdale, Skokie and Sausalito are also intimately involved in all of this.

    “I have thought it my duty to exhibit things as they are and not as they ought to be.”


    Kol tuv,

  8. South

    What is it exactly with you carrying water for the Bush Administration? In every post, you justify its duplicity and betrayal of Israel — usually by attempting to make a case that if we didn’t appease the Arabs, the US would be in “dire financial straits”. Yes, we are a net debtor nation — in part, because $500 billion goes to OPEC every year in oil sales. That is a travesty. Particularly when you consider that Bush could have made a speech on 9/12/01 committing America to energy independence by 2010 and investing just one year’s worth of oil payments — 50% of the cost of the war in Iraq — in one thousand $500 million research grants or ten thousand $50 million research grants towards developing alternative sources and technologies. With that pledge, he would have had the support of republicans and democrats, conservatives and liberals, industrialists and environmentalists. That historic opportunity to unite and save the nation was squandered, just as every other opportunity has been pissed away by this Administration for the sake of personal aggrandizement and political expediency.

    And where would the AIDS-infested oil sheiks be without our markets into which they sell their crude? How would they afford the maintenance on their Bentleys and the housekeeping on their chalets in Geneva?

    And please spare me the alarmist tripe about how the Arabs will sell all of their T-bonds if we don’t hand them Israel on a silver platter. If you missed that thread here a few weeks ago, I’m sure you can google the Treasury’s data on foreign holdings where you will see that all of the oil producing nations combined hold only $125 billion — less than 1.5% of our national debt.

    The truth is that Bush is more Machiavellian than Nixon and more incompetent than Carter. Now he’s beholden to his Saudi overlords and daddy’s advisors to bail him out of the muck he has buried himself and this country in. They have instructed him to throw Israel to the wolves and he has found a craven and willing accomplice in Israel’s caretaker and corrupt PM.

  9. Some of the Pamela Geller material is out of order.

    Re: “…the White House sanctioned Jew hatred”; this is inflamatory, at best.

    Re: “submitting to Saudi demands,…”; well, the United States is a debtor nation in dire financial straits, especially with an annual 2 trillion dollar health care bill – and still rising. So far, the pensions, the welfare checks and the artificial employment is still in place and functioning for this generation.

    Israel does not look like a ghetto Jew. The government does. There is a difference. Israel is not a democratic republic. GOI is the vestage decendents of the eastern European Yevsektzia and socialists. The Jewish population of Israel is different.

    Kol tuv,

  10. Some of Pamela Geller’s material is out of order. The material can be tested.

    Re “…the White House sanctioned Jew-hatred”; this is inflamatory and also does not assist.

    Re: “submitted to Saudi demands,…”; well, the United States is a debtor nation in dire economic straits, especially with an annual 2 trillion dollar health care bill – and still rising.

    So far, the pensions, the welfare checks and the artifical employment is still in place. They are still in place because the US “submitted to Saudi demands,…”. It’s not that complicated.

    The Saudis haven’t changed since FDR met with King Faud at Suez. What has changed is the US. Once the world’s richest nation, the US now has severe economic problems.

    She is also wrong that Israel looks like a ghetto Jew. This, too, is inflamatory and does not assist. The Jews do not run GOI. The descendents of the eastern European Yevsektzia and socialists do. These rulers abandoned Judaism long ago. They’d be just as happy ruling Marina del Ray, California like Barbara Boxer does.

    GOI is not a democratic republic.

    Don’t blame Israeli Jews.

    Kol tuv,

  11. I enjoy Pam’s colorful writing style but have not read much at her website because she was a Bushbot. Now she says,

    I thought George Bush was a Christian, a man of faith. Shocking. He has squandered his second term and has not acted in good faith. We did not elect him to carry Condi’s water.

    No, he was never a Christian. “Ye shall know them (false prophets) by their fruits.” He is with the Illuminati, globalists, a Skull & Bones man connected to Freemasonry, which is satanic, just as his father is. She thought he was a Christian because he said so and she believed his lies.

  12. There was a Major M7.8 last night just South of Fiji. It may be reevaluated up. It has already been moved from a M7.4 to a M7.8. These are the magnitudes:

    Earth Quake Magnitudes
    Great = > 8
    Major = 7 to 7.9
    Strong = 6 to 6.9
    Moderate = 5 to 5.9
    Light = 4 to 4.9
    Minor = Less than 3.9

    The significance for the US is that the P-103 wave (click for map) from that quake goes through NMSZ (at the heel or SE corner of Missouri), the most dangerous earthquake fault in the US. There is a theory that when the P-130 wave (and to a lesser degree the P-140 and the antipode) cross another earthquake fault, that fault may respond with a quake within usually up to two weeks. The bigger the first quake, the more likelihood of it sparking another one. The P-103 path may be a couple hundred miles wide, although my watching of these show it pretty much on the P-103 line. Further now is the time of the New Moon and there are also sunspots increasing, both factors in earthquakes.

    Many areas are overdue for an earthquake. The Pacific NW’s Juan de Fuca is one, California’s San Andreas fault system is another. Israeli scientists recently wrote that Israel is overdue for a quake, however this P-103 is East of Israel. The areas to watch now which are on the P-103 are NMSZ and the Caribbean, specifically because of the recent M7.4 at Martinique Region, Windward Island on November 29. Iceland is on the P-140 as is Iraq to Yemen. My study would say NMSZ is the main area to watch.

    I can only post two links per post before this goes to moderation. That is why I did this in two posts.

  13. Some Rabbis* and many Christians as well are prophesying something bad is about to happen to the USA as a result of Annapolis and the US turning against Israel. Some just have a knowing that the US is ripe for judgment because of it. There have been many dreams, visions and prophecies of the New Madrid Seismic Zone (hereinafter “NMSZ”) in the middle of America being split open by an earthquake and America divided. Sow and reap. The US divides Israel and G-d divides the US. America is considered to be Great Babylon of Jeremiah 50 & 51 and Mystery Babylon of Rev 17 and 18 upon whom G-d brings vengeance. Jer 51:49 As Babylon hath caused the slain of Israel to fall, so at Babylon shall fall the slain of all the earth.

    G-d brings judgment in many ways. Katrina as G-d’s response to Gaza is one. Gaza Jews lost their homes and Katrina caused multiplied times more people to lose theirs. Storm and earthquakes are another way judgment can occur. Here is proof. [continued in next post.]

    * http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/Flash.aspx/136001

  14. Unfortunately, Pam was one of the many American Zionists who failed to see Bush for what he was and what he would ultimately do to Israel. For years, she and others endorsed and apologized for Bush on LGF, JihadWatch, and her own website.

    That endorsement from the right gave Bush cover to pursue his agenda of a Palestinian state.

  15. The arab muslims are vicious, vile contemptible people and it is disgusting that the west indulges their extreme racism and bigotry. Bomb saudi arabia and take their oil. This is a country which has no right to exist. And we need to develop alternative forms of energy and render these arab countries insignificant on the world stage. Furthermore Olmert, Livni and the other Israeli officials who attended Annapolis lack any pride and self-respect whatsoever to have meekly accepted this situation and not walk out as Pam said.

  16. Number one, History is not over, not even for Gush Katif. Number two, not even Olmert and Ramon are as bad as the Jews of Europe because each of them has the history of Europe starring them in the face. Their petty political goals will vanish in the reality that will face Israel when Iran reacts to the destruction of their “nucular” toys. We have yet to see what comes of this mess. Unfortunately, Israel must also take account of the Russians as they surround Israel, starting at Tartous, Syria. The only promise from God is that the Jews as a group will survive no matter what.

    With regard to the “separate doors issue” the reaction is still to be felt in America and by American Jewry. I believe that this event was of momentous proportions and will stand as a symbol of such overarching importance, that the Bush administration will suffer enormous consequences as a result of it. It will always be quoted and referenced by laypeople and scholars, Jews and non-Jews, as the essence of US and Arab policy. For those on Israel’s side it was a gift from God. It was of no less importance than if Condi had been caught by the press running around the White House lawn naked.

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