A Visit to Fatah’s Torture Chamber

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Why are Rice and Olmert ignoring reality and making a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. (Muslims should forgive me the analogy,) Or better still, a “moderate” out of a murderer.

Why is the west rewarding him with half a billion dollars and counting?

June 21, 2007 | 1 Comment »

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  1. Most in the west still fail to understand basic tennent of POLITICAL ARAB AND PALI THINKING AND STRATAGEM : which are that a semblance of internal factional is an essential necessity in order to focus maximum energies and resource against Israel. It is not a secret to anyone even slightly informed about our corner of the world that hatreds between Arab nation of each other are only slightly less than their of hatred Israel and the West in general.

    Fatah lost to Hamas well before the the take over by force last week. Every poll for some time has showed them far behind and not only in Gaza. There cannot be a Pali entity or state with civil war between factions, and clans . Some of the disputes are over clan turf ala Mafia. Some over religion. Some over internal and external politics. You have pan arab influences,Iranian influences,Israeli influences, American and EU influences, Russian, and finally Al Quida, with a sprinklings of communists also.

    The West Bank Arabs hate the Gazans and the Gazans hate the West Bankers and all of them hate the Beduin. Hope and not depaire of destroying Israel is what till now has modified their basic behavioral traits ( killing ea. other) The Palis are the only group in the History of Mankind that I know of that when offered a political state of their own rejected the offer and opportunity and not just once. They are the only people in history that rejected a higher or better standard of living and chose poverty instead. They are the only people I can recall that by democratic process voted against Democracy and freedom or at least its potential in favor of feudalistic religious serfdom and by default giving up civil, human,and political rights. Note: next to drugs the most profitable enterprise in Gaza and the WB is gun running. Due to the High Demand an M16 short barreled assault rifle laser guided with scope can cost up to 20,000$ which is equal to a nice apt. or small home there.


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