Ahmadinejad and his faction want war.

By Ken Timmerman, FrontPageMag

[..] But what’s clear is this: Ahmadinejad and his faction want war. They believe that war with the West is their ticket to victory.

Even if they lose large portions of their country, or if their nuclear sites are destroyed, they believe that they will emerge victorious. Because in their eyes, this type of war with the West will hasten the return of the Imam Mahdi, the savior figure of the radical hojjatieh sect of Shia Islam in which Ahmadinejad and his faction believe.

But don’t make the mistake some have made in placing all your bets on Ahmadinejad. If somehow the U.S were able to wave a magic wand and get rid of him overnight, we would still be facing a security and political establishment in Iran that is devoted to confrontation with the West, and to the destruction of Israel.

Don’t forget that it was Hashemi-Rafsanjani, the “moderate” former president of the Islamic Republic, who first evoked publicly the possibility of a nuclear weapons exchange with Israel. I quote him in my book, Countdown to Crisis: the Coming Nuclear Showdown with Iran.

“The use of an atomic bomb against Israel would destroy Israel completely, while [the same][against [Iran] would only cause damages. Such a scenario is not inconceivable,” Rafsanjani said in a sermon at Tehran University on Dec. 14, 2001.

Decoded, the message is chilling. Iran has no fear of an Israeli nuclear attack, because Iran is a vast country, with deep underground bunkers for its leadership, and clandestine nuclear sites that most likely are not on anyone’s target list. If the Israelis were to attack, or to respond to an Iranian nuclear attack, Iran will suffer great losses. But Israel will cease to exist.

Such is the calculus of a “moderate” leader of Iran’s Islamic “Republic.”

But the Iranian regime does not believe it will fight for its survival in Iran alone. Over the past nine months, since Hezbollah’s infrastructure in Lebanon was devastated by Israeli air strikes last summer (after Hezbollah’s unprovoked attack on Israel), the Iranians have been shipping massive quantities of advanced weapons to Hezbollah in preparation for the coming war.

Iran’s clerical leaders and Ahmadinejad believe that they actually defeated Israel last summer during Iran’s first proxy war with Israel. And that they can do even greater damage in the next war, which could come next month, this summer, or next year.

Arieh Eldad, a leader of the opposition National Union Party in Israel’s Knesset, or Parliament, told me this week while on a trip to the United States that he is convinced there is “no way to avoid the next war” in Lebanon.

He sees the massive rearmament of Hezbollah by Iran, with Syrian assistance, as clear evidence of Iran’s strategy to launch another war against Israel. “Hezbollah is becoming stronger every day,” he said.

Eldad believes Israel must “neutralize Hamas, Hezbollah, and Syria as a preliminary step, or we will not be able to engage Iran.”

By “engaging” Iran he does not mean economic or diplomatic “engagement,” as the State Department might use the term. He is talking about having Israel’s military take out Iranian nuclear and missile sites.

Now that’s engagement.

Dr. Eldad is a plastic surgeon who headed the burns at Hadassah hospital for twenty years. He has personally treated Palestinian suicide bombers, only to see them come back after their treatment with bombs strapped to their chests to blow themselves up in the very hospital that saved their lives.

The foes that oppose Israel and America do not reason as we do, he says. “When states have missions that are bigger than life, they are not obeying the basic rules of logic that Western civilization obeys.”

He believes the Islamic Republic of Iran, as a state, is following the same logic as a suicide bomber. “If the goal is to kill the Big Satan [America] or the Small Satan [Israel], then your own life is not to be considered under their logic,” he told me. “The Iranian regime is willing to sacrifice millions and millions of their own people to defeat the Big Satan and the Small Satan.”

Because of this, we need to understand that Tehran regime will not comply with sanctions, and does not care about sanctions. “It’s just not the same logic,” he said.

Dr. Eldad’s fear is that Israel will be “left alone” and have to confront a nuclear Iran. And if that day arrives, he warns, “the world should know that we will be ready to destroy the nuclear infrastructure of Iran at whatever the cost it takes.”

“That means we will be ready to use unconventional weapons, because conventional weapons will not be enough,” he added.

These are stakes.

A seemingly simple hostage-taking could be how this begins. A series of mushroom clouds could be how it ends.

In the meantime, the U.S. is conducting naval and air exercises in the Persian Gulf with two carrier battle groups. The message to Iran, one administration official told me yesterday, was clear: Don’t make any false moves.

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4 Comments / 4 Comments

  1. A few minutes to a high tech, high noon it is.

    And the brainwashed public and the Neo-leftists, they will have to make the 180 degree turn with dizzying speed as they realize that which they denied is burning them. If they are not realizing it as it is too late.
    History is unlike ever before, it’s now going to operate at cyber speeds and mega deaths. The propagandizing system of the elite is based on old models and under onslaught of event it seems must shatter.
    Propaganda can’t keep up with event. One can hope for a public disconnect as it becomes obvious that Islam is not a religion of Love and Peace, and that there is no future but Allah’s War.

  2. Iran has over the last 2 years been playing an increasingly aggressive game of brinksmanship with the West only to see the West react each time with empty threats. No wonder Ahamdinejad is coming to believe he can get away with just about anything.

    It would be a relief to those who have been totally frustrated and angered with the West’s pathetically weak toothless responses to Iran’s provocations if this time, Iran has finally pushed the West too fast and too far so that the West finally responds as it should and that is to rain hellfire and brimstone down on Iran.

    One cannot expect the cowering EU nations to take the lead in that regard. They in fact have practically given up on joining the chorus of toothless condemnations of Iran as they continue to try to maintain whatever advantageous business relationships they have with that nation.

    Russia and China are not going to lead the charge. They have invested a great deal in Iran for their own purposes and they have not failed to note that Iran has not threatened them at all.

    So it falls to Britain, America and or Israel to take Iran on.

    There likely are at least some in T. Blair’s cabinet who are itching to teach Ahadinejad a lesson, but after the British succeed in getting their sailors back.

    There is somewhat of a parallel between this recent Iranian hostage taking of the British sailors and the American hostage taking crisis that went on 444 days. The difference is however that the stakes are much higher now and Iran is much stronger and a much more deadly threat.

    The British will no doubt try various avenues of diplomatic manoevering to get their people back, just as America did so many years ago.

    Whether the British choose to go to war without first retrieving their people depends of course on the price Ahmadinejad will demand for their release. America will have to wait and see, but it is likely America is in close consultations with the British to canvass options.

    If the British were to take the lead on declaring war on Iran, Bush would have a far easier time with gaining support with the Congress and American’s generally to join the British to give Iran what is coming to her, for her sins of the present against Britain and her sins against America of the past.

    It is not difficult to imagine that Iran’s actions has built up in America and now in Britain a huge thirst for vengeance and that through Ahmadinejad’s miscalculation these two nations are now ready, willing and able to extract their revenge.

    This would seem to be a very good time to shake up Ahmadinejad’s world by a massive attack on Iran along with an Israeli pre-emptive strike to cripple Syria for a long long time. Hezbollah’s financial, munitions and moral life line will be severed if both Syria and Iran are neutered.

    While it is not difficult to imagine such scenario unfolding in the coming weeks, if not days, it is also not difficult to imagine the neither America, nor Britain are willing to seize the moment and both will only be willing once Ahmadinejad’s next move draws blood.

    Either way, it looks like we are approaching high noon when the West will be faced with the option of either draw and fire first or be dead.

  3. The West must realize that this war cannot be won by pin pricks. We are too vulnerable to kidnappings and terrorism to win a protracted war.

    we must devastate the Nuclear facilities,the Revolutionary Guards and the leadership.

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