American Kurdish Friendship League

By Ted Belman

I have been in Washington DC for two days so haven’t been able to post. Last night I met with Bernice Lipkin who runs Think-Israel, Paula Kaufman a long time activist and Ken Timmerman whose articles often appear on Israpundit in addition to News Max and other prominent sites and in national newspapers.

Ken Timmerman is about to publish a book on what the CIA has been up to in the last three years Shadow Warriors:Traitors, Saboteurs, and the Party of Surrender.titled and a novel Honour Killings. He suggests it contains more truth than fiction.

Timmerman was of the opinion that some good came out of Res 1701 and I vociferously disagreed with him. That aside, he really knows his stuff.

Today I attended a press conference to announce the founding of the American Kurdish Friendship League (AKFL). The reason being that I was invited to be on the Board of Directors. Before accepting I advised that I couldn’t associate with any Muslim group that didn’t reject jihad and sharia.

My fellow directors included Sherkoh Abbas who is a Syrian Kurd and the driving force and Joseph Puder, who in the past worked with Ehud Olmert, Zeev Haefetz,
and the Campaign Chairman-Ezer Weizmannworked in the Begin election campaign of 1977 in Israel.

He tells me Begin’s undoing was that he brought Dayan to Camp David to present a face that the Americans loved. Begin, you see, had been demonized by the MSM and they were threatening to call the Israeli PM, a terrorist. This greatly affected Begin. Dayan kept demanding full retreat. Joseph Puder is now a noted journalist.

Another person in attendance was Ali Alyami who was the Exec Dir of the Centre for Democratic and Human Rights in Saudi Arabia. This gentleman really thinks big . He wants nothing less than to create a worldwide Muslimj organization that take control of Mecca and Medina and would start the reform of Islam.

Dr Djowan, a Muslim psychiatrist, from Sweden made the trip to join us. Not present, but on the board, were Dr Jack Wheeler and Major-General Paul E Vallely.

We talked a lot about the good relationship between Kurds and Jews and the cooperation that is going on behind the scenes. Apparently Israel doesn’t want to upset Turkey with whom it has very extensive billion dollar contracts.

We had one audience with an Congressman from Michigan who was on the Foreign Affairs Committee. When Sherkoh Abbas mentioned in passing the WMD’s from Iraq which were buried in Syria, his ears perked up. He was really hungry for the info, both Sherkoh and I had lots, and he asked us to make a dossier for him.

He said he was against the $20 billion sale and didn’t see Saudi Arabia as an ally.

Sherkoh Abbas was of the opinion that the State Department is to answer for all the pro Saudi policies They act in the interests of the elite and not the American people.

It is expected that we will all be going to Kurdistan in the fall, courtesy of Barjani.

August 2, 2007 | Comments Off on American Kurdish Friendship League

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