America’s culture of self-hatred

Prof Paul Eidelberg in an article in INN puts it nicely and offers a solution.

[..] What is gaining ascendancy in America is the inverse of Islam’s “culture of hatred,” namely, a “culture of self-hatred.” If this development is not arrested, America, as a Judeo-Christian country, will gradually evaporate.

The goal of the anti-National Left is the “homogeneous and universal secular state.” Nation states would cease to exist, replaced by a world government – the project of the UN. But a world government, like any state, would require a monopoly of power. It would have to have a worldwide espionage network to prevent any group from developing a portable weapon of mass destruction. A world government would, of necessity, be utterly totalitarian.

Although America has always been multicultural, its ethnic diversity was based on a tradition of freedom, self-reliance and self-restraint modulated by Judeo-Christian ethics. Today, multiculturalism has been tainted by the dispiriting moral nihilism of academia. The most prestigious universities have educated America’s political, diplomatic and media elites, an increasing number of which are anything but champions of the American political tradition. American democracy is in trouble.

Since the American government is not about to curtail the freedom of expression on which the universities and the media depend – and which Muslims exploit – America can hardly win the war against its most dangerous enemy and still retain its reputation as a democracy.

One last thought. A wise observer said, “The whole Arab world minus its oil matters less to the rest of the world economically than the Nokia telephone company of Finland.” If so, let me naively suggest that the US order its 82nd Airborne Division to take over the Saudi Arabian oil fields. Aside from a second measure concerning Iran, this would be a humane way for the US to win World War III.

January 2, 2007 | Comments Off on America’s culture of self-hatred

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