Amidror: Hezbollah’s firepower of 150,000 projectiles exceeds all European armies combined

By Yaacov Lappin, JPOST

The IDF must be preparer for three principal security scenarios in the near future, former national security adviser Maj.- Gen. (res.) Yaakov Amidror has said, naming them as a large-scale ground war against Hezbollah in Lebanon, attrition against Hamas in Gaza, and the possibility of a military operation in Iran.

The military must prepare for these challenges while providing ongoing security, Amidror, a senior researcher at the Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies, said in a report published on the center’s website.

The feat “will be neither easy nor cheap,” he added.

“The most significant threat to Israel’s very existence is the possibility that some time in 2015, Iran will reach a deal with the West that would allow it to pursue some form of nuclear military capability. This process will not come to fruition this year, but a bad deal with the superpowers would be an important milestone for Tehran,” Amidror warned.

Looking ahead to 2015, Israel faces threats posed mainly by non-state entities motivated by Islamic ideology.

“The strongest of them is Hezbollah, which was formed with a dual purpose in mind: It represents Iran’s long reach in the area and against Israel, while at the same time it aims to control Lebanon, where the Shi’ites are the largest ethnic group,” Amidror added.

Hezbollah most closely resembles an army, and its arsenal totals some 150,000 missiles and rockets, several thousand of which can target any area in Israel.

“This rare and substantial firepower apparently even exceeded the firepower possessed by most of the European states combined,” Amidror said in the report.

Additionally, Hezbollah is armed with surface-to-sea missiles, anti-aircraft missiles, drones and modern anti-tank missiles.

“It is well organized into a military-style hierarchy and appears to possess command and control systems of high quality. It was established by Iranian leaders, but its leadership has always consisted of Lebanese people who were closely linked to Iran’s interests,” the report continued. “Hezbollah assisted the Shi’ites by providing for their needs in the civilian sphere as a base for building its military power.”

Hezbollah is busy with its intervention in Syria, a war it deems crucial for its own survival, according to Amidror. “It fights beside the Syrian Alawites because it needs them to stay in power. If Assad survives, Hezbollah’s status in Lebanon will increase, as will its status in Damascus.”

Hamas in the Gaza Strip also constitutes a steadily rising security threat, one that is able to manufacture its own longrange rockets and tunnel grid.

Hamas is left with 3,500 rockets after a 50-day war with Israel. Now, “the big question is the speed at which Hamas can regain the capabilities it has lost. For Hamas, the current regime in Egypt is a formidable obstacle. Hamas has the markings of a well-organized military organization, as well as an impressive ability to learn and improve,” Amidror wrote.

Islamic Jihad in Gaza cannot be discounted as a threat either.

Amidror noted that in 2015, no real army threatens Israel’s security any longer. Egypt’s military does not hold Israel as a prime target, and Egyptian military leaders have yet to consolidate their hold on power, the former national security adviser argued.

The Syrian army is completely engaged in the civil war, “and while it still possesses a substantial arsenal, its units have been compromised, its morale is extremely low, and many of its commanders fear for their lives if the other side should win. The once enormous Iraqi army, at one time seen as having the ability to change the balance of power on the eastern front against Israel, has ceased to exist.”

Additionally, Amidror stated, “the small but professional Jordanian army is looking east and north, toward the crumbling states of Iraq and Syria.

Islamist terrorists are thriving within the power vacuum in both countries, and Jordan may already be in their cross-hairs.”

Gulf states, led by Saudi Arabia, are arming themselves with the best of Western weaponry to prepare themselves for Iran.

Radical jihadi elements are basing themselves in the Sinai Peninsula and Syrian Golan, but the threat they pose to Israel is less significant, due to their current lack of strength, he said.

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5 Comments / 5 Comments

  1. @ SHmuel HaLevi 2: …”Pollard was betrayed by Peres, Rubinstein and Mr. Pollard’s Mosad handler…”
    Right, Mr. Rafi Eitan, who was quoted having said that he wished that he himself had shot Pollard. But this is only the tip of the iceberg. I spoke to a first hand source, whose name I will not mention told me personally that President Clinton reneged on a promise to release Pollard as part of The Wye Accords. Interestingly, Netanyahu signed anyway. Oh right, he really cared about Pollard, give me a break. Why did’nt Netanyahu stick to his guns and simply not sign the accords and put it off in hopes of a reversal on Pollard since it came so close. I am sure there is some reason. There are people in both the US and Israel who know why, but they are not speaking, at least, NOT YET. I have a feeling I know why, but it would be wrong to speculate without proof. [hint:it was a notable event in the past which both countries wish to keep out of the public eye. A painful one!]

  2. Israel has to tell Hezbollah that if missiles are launched, it will nuke the southern third of Lebanon and 90% of Hezbollah and a million Lebanese Shiites will die.

  3. @ woolymammoth:
    Pollard was betrayed by Peres, Rubinstein and Mr. Pollard’s Mosad handler. It was published not long ago. And them and well as other elements working to destroy the state, do not want him freed.
    HEZBOLLAH: Olmert, Livni and Peretz as well as others with them betrayed the people as well, before during and after Lebanon II. Hezbollah was intentionally allowed to remain viable and become a huge rocket and other weapon systems powerhouse.
    The military proved to be an unadulterated disaster also then. The “cease fire” then, in Lebanon II, parallels the “cease fire” in the latest Gaza fiasco.
    As I reported many times. We are totally exposed to mortal enemies and a renegade combina, civilian and military brought us all to that condition.

  4. @ SHmuel HaLevi 2:
    In addition to the above a detailed meticulous accounting of precisely how, why and by whom did Israel find itself in this predicament. Was a clear assessment made before Israel took major steps. Or was political power trumping the best interests of the state and it’s populace.

    If Israel had remained in southern Lebanon vs. the hasty Barak ‘surrender’.
    The Gaza Withdrawal. What other options did israel actually have. were these options considered? Why are evacuees still not settled in to their new lives.
    Sderot and communities adjacent to Gaza. What considerations were made during the Knesset debates which led to the approval of Sharon’s Gaza Venture.
    Special attention should be made to who on the political scene today who is still in the game are personally responsible for the sub-standard performances. The electorate should be aware of whom they are voting for.
    I do not believe Pollard would still be incarcerated if Israel truly wanted him released. Who in Israel is afraid of what Pollard knows and what he might reveal.

  5. The present leadership, both civilian and military are completely unfit to perform their respective tasks against any of the enemies fronts.
    The people must elect if no other choice is available, such as a complete overhaul in candidates, platforms and government structures, only candidates clearly identified with stern Eretz Israel focus and rigid total intent to destroy the enemies completely.
    Iran’s nuclear and long distance rocket programs must be destroyed.
    Hezbollah terminated completely.
    ISIS just as much.
    Gaza must be cleared of HAMAS, MB, etc. The Jewish communities there restored and expanded.j
    NO negotiations, rubber bullets, boulder bombings, etc.
    The Islamic enemies must be destroyed. The local Islamic groups expelled and their hamulas as well.