Amir Avivi: “I have never seen the army press seriously to act against terrorism”

Peloni:  The video linked below was a fascinating.  It is split into two parts – Avivi’s rise thru the ranks and much of what is discussed in the body of this article, and what took place on October 7, and the current crisis.  The video is in Hebrew, and the translation is difficult to follow at times, but well worth the effort.

The chairman and founder of the “Habithonist” movement, Brigadier General Amir Avivi told in the ‘Melting Pot’ about his experiences with the security establishment, how the army never pressed to defeat terrorism, and about his experiences from Oslo’s Gaza

Schneor Weber, MIDA     April 11, 2024 Translated via Google Chrom

Lt. Col. (Res.) Amir Avivi, the chairman of the “Habithonist” movement and its founder, was a guest on the “The Crucible” podcast and analyzed with Schneor Weber the processes that took place during his service in the IDF, since the Oslo Accords, which led to the strengthening of Hamas and the shocking massacre on October 7.

Avivi, who served as deputy commander of the Gaza Division and commander of the Combat Engineering School, accuses in the podcast: “I have never seen the army seriously pressure the political echelon to act against the terrorist threats from Gaza and Israel.”

In a conversation with Schnior Weber, he testifies that throughout his military service in various positions in the IDF, he was exposed to bad conduct that led to disasters. According to him, “When I saw how the decisions were made, I entered into existential anxiety.”

As for the fighting in Gaza, Avivi states that “in the end, everything drains into Rafah – where Hamas is will be decided We will have to enter Rafah and there Hamas will be defeated. This will be the decisive place where the rule of Hamas in Gaza will end.”

Referring to the omissions on October 7, Avivi says: “The writing of the current campaign was on the wall. Two years ago, we presented the government and the security establishment with a strategic situation assessment, a 300-page document in which we said that there was going to be a war. We also said there that Gaza should be taken over. “The vast majority of Israeli society has changed after October 7. There is a change in worldview and development here. People are in a serious upheaval, with deep concerns, a worldview that has been destroyed and it is necessary to make order here and put in new concepts and new visions.”

Avivi wishes to emphasize in the conversation that “the entire future and existence of the State of Israel rests on one thing: the complete defeat of Hamas. This is the key that starts the whole process that can bring the State of Israel to the Golden Age. And here you cannot blink. The decision must be clear and not implied in two ways. It must be an overwhelming victory. The complete elimination of the entire leadership and wherever they are – in Qatar, in Turkey. An overwhelming military decision.”


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  1. The ideology of “PACIFISM” to death!
    Didn’t the US lose all the conflicts it initiated but for Granada?
    Every loss is a win for the Military-Industrial complex and the people it controls.

  2. The IDF top brass and the Pentagon’s top brass are useful idiots. In neither armed forces can you be promoted to top ranks without being Woke or just plain useless.

    There may be a good General or Admiral operationally, but it would be someone who has hidden his true feelings from Day One.

    This guy nails it which is precisely why he ended his career as a Lt. Col.

  3. Brilliant analysis by Avivi, who knows the thinking of Israel’s top bbrass at first hand. Nearly all of them are ideologically convinced appeasers.