Annapolis; “A clear and present danger”

Hatikva Party, a newly founded National Zionist party will host a press conference regarding the upcoming Annapolis conference, tomorrow Monday the 19th of November in Jerusalem, at Gan Haverdim, opposite the Prime Minister’s offices, at 1100.

Hatikva maintains that the Annapolis conference, which is touted as a stepping stone toward a lasting peace via the establishment of another Palestinian State west of the Jordan River, is a catastrophe in the making. Rather than peace, this conference will insure further bloodshed, increased tensions, and the possible escalation into an all-out conflagration in the Middle East.

Hatikva rejects the intentions of the Annapolis conference, and demands the Prime Minister of Israel uphold the security, prosperity, and interests of the Jewish people, to which another Arab State, another terrorist entity in the heart of Israel, is a *clear and present danger.*

The Interests of Israel in its role as the custodian of the Land of Israel for the Jewish People, cannot be served by another partition. They will only be served by Aliyah, settlement, development and defense, of the Jews, for the Jews, and by the Jews.

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  1. Expendatures for public relations purposes, such as establishment of Hatikva and a national pres conference are an imprudent use of scarce funds.

    Kol tuv,

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