Annapolis is about wiping Israel off the face of the map

By Ted Belman

Mark Silverberg argues Israel-Arab peace is not on anyone’s agenda.

David Brooks argues It’s not really about Israel and the Palestinians; it’s about Iran. Rice is constructing a coalition of the losing.

I put it to you that they are both wrong.

It is about what the “peace process” has always been about, namely, wiping Israel off the face of the map.

Stan Goodenough, a Christian Zionist, argues convincingly that the intent is To reverse the rebirth of Israel.

I do not accept for a moment that accepting the Saudi Plan is a precondition to forming an alliance against the Iranians. If the Arabs accepted that Iran is a threat to them they would want Israel to be strong rather than weak in order to help deal with the threat. If it were true, the Arabs would not place their hopes for a coalition against Iran on the slender reed of the peace process.

The Iranian threat and the alleged need to form a coalition of the losing are simply excuses to justify the undoing of Israel. That is what Annapolis is about. That is what Baker et al want. That is what US foreign policy is about and has been about. There was only a temporary respite during the Cold War.

Many will argue that they only want Israel to go back to the greenline. My response is that when the State Department exhibits such wanton disregard for the safety and security of Israel, and Israel is destroyed because of such policies, it must be deemed to have intended the consequences of its acts.

November 10, 2007 | 6 Comments »

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