Arab journalist: Don’t Rush to support Abbas, he is not in control

By Ami Isseroff, Zionism and Israel News

Ellen Schorr sent us this account of a conference call with journalist Abu Toameh a few days ago.


    Regarding the humanitarian situation in Gaza, Abu Toameh has not heard about anyone starving in the Gaza strip and there is no shortage of water and fuel, Drinking water is supplied by Israel, which is continuing to send water.

    “Abu Toameh warns the United States and Israel not to rush to support Abbas, since it is not sure that Abbas will be able to control the West Bank. He said Abbas has failed to take action and failed to reform his party. Money given to Abbas didn’t go into the right hands. The conflict in the Gaza strip was over money and power. There were bad guys fighting bad guys.”

    His concern is that Abu Mazen will continue to fail as a leader, as he has not learned from the election nor from the military action in Gaza. He has to convince Palestinians that he can reform the party and get rid of corrupt leaders. He does not see this trend occurring.

    He feels Abbas’ position is that of “Give me more money or you will get Hamas”.

    In the future, the West Bank may accept Hamas, as they have enforced law and order. Fatah is not united now. It is still in turmoil and is still weak.


June 21, 2007 | Comments Off on Arab journalist: Don’t Rush to support Abbas, he is not in control

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