Are the war-like headlines between the US and Iran fake news?

T. Belman. I am very close to Francisco Gil-While. I hosted him 8 years ago when he visited Israel and we have kept in touch. For decades he has maintained the position that America won’t attack Iran. During the Bush years I disagreed with him on this (and I wAAS SHOWN WRONG) but I did agree during the Obama years. Having said that, I truely believe that Trump will take Iran down and prevent them from getting the bomb and prevent their hegemony.

I also know the interviewer Tamar Yonah.

Is it all “staged” so a deeper and more secret agenda can move forward?

Israel News Talk Radio, 15/01/20 01:51

Is the tension between Iran and the US really fake news? Is it all “staged” so a deeper and more secret agenda can move forward?

Dr. Francisco Gil White, a professor at ITAM University in Mexico City, was recently interviewed on Bloomberg right after the Soleimani killing and before the Iranian “retaliation”. He explained how bad this was for Israel. This is a controversial show.

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  1. Professor White is correct, that the US has an incredibly consistent record of HELPING advance Iran’s foreign policy, and that this record has continued into the Trump years. It is also a fact, that American foreign policy, since the overthrow of the Manchus in 1912, has consistently favored the Chinese Communists. It is also a fact that British foreign policy from 1916 onward has consistently favored Zionism — on the ground, in the world of results, when the rhetoric is disregarded. None of this is a valid argument to the effect that the British leaders are pro-Zionist, nor that the American leaders are pro-Chinese, nor that the current leadership in the US is pro-Iranian. The professor has validly stated the facts; but those facts do not imply his conclusion.

    President Trump has so far shied away from attacking Iran, primarily because that enemies of Israel like George Soros, Adam Schiff, Chuck Schumer and Bernie Sanders would do everything in their power to see that the President, and the country, fail in their efforts.

    Professor White made passing mention of the fact that certain actions (such as the blundering downing of the Ukrainian airliner) do not serve the interests of the Iranian elite. This is true, and it well explains why the Iranian regime wants to cover up the incident. By the same standard, though, what advantage would an American failure vs.Iran have to the above men, all of them American Jews? This would, of course, be bad for their own country, bad for their own people and bad for their national homeland.

    The answer to my own rhetorical question, is that immediate material self-interest can easily trump family, country and religious loyalty.

    Does any of this mean that the US will attack Iran? or that it won’t. My answer is, that I have no idea. Hashem knows the answer.

  2. Gil White is a Global warming denier and that is a very serious matter. He also tends towards conspiracy. There is one other reason trump does not attack and that is that the attack is very difficult…the most obvious reason. but a conspiracy theorist will never take the easiest answer to take…Not flashy enough you see.

  3. Gil White has no ideological roots whatsoever and he teams up with Belman, who also blunders about from crisis to crisis. Gil White has built nothing and will not, neither will the “networker” Belman.

  4. @ Felix Quigley:
    At least Belman and Gil-White use their brains for THINKING unlike some who just blindly follow their idol who promised “to make America great again!” (single handed, of course).
    BTW, why was most of the manufacturing transferred to China? Because the US and the West hate communism so much? Or do they only hate it in its Russian version?

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