Aryeh Eldad to start new Party in Israel

MK Arieh Elded: A Knight Amongst Israel’s Ruling Class

By Out-Of-The Box Thinker

[..] MK Eldad is forming a new party with a clear vision and a clean record. He hopes that this party will draw the other right to center leaning parties into its fold in order to reduce the excessive number of parties operating in the government. In a new party, all settlements will return to be under the Israeli laws rather than, as at present, under the defense ministry, which will not allow as much as building a new dog’s kennel.

[..] Another pressing issue is the disappearing of Jewish identity and a lack of Jewish education. Faulty moral and spiritual clarity is what permits some Jews to continue believing that sacrificing what G-d mandated to the Jewish people will placate the Arabs and Muslims. Post Zionism was a basis for the formation of Kadima. But leaders that are not Zionists have no ideology. Their lack of Zionist ideology has stripped the country of an essential historic, religious, and cultural imperative. “Ariel Sharon took the backpack of Jewish history off the nation’s back,” says Eldad.

Kids in Israel grow up with a sense of patriotism, but they lack a basic understanding of history and of their roots. As a result, they are ill prepared for their military service. They cannot comprehend why Israel must struggle to fight to hold Hebron, Rachel’s tomb, Jerusalem, the Temple Mount, Shchem, Har Eival (here Joshua built the alter to renew the nation’s covenant with G-d).

    “Half of the IDF soldiers have never been to Jerusalem,“ Eldad mutters, “There is a need to begin afresh, almost like going back to grade one, almost like starting Israel all over again. We do not need to tell anything new, only amplify what we know already.”

Where post Zionism and corruption are existential threats, Jewish spirit is the cure. Eldad is working to fuel the youth of Israel for the nation’s future wellbeing. He had formed AmiChai, a youth movement whose motto is “Our Hope, Our Youth, Our Future.” Where Israeli youths have shield away from rabbis and religious leaders wanting to force religion on them, Eldad is not a threat. He has recognized his own quality and the value of Israel’s youth and is reaching out to foster their roots. Without establishing roots and investing in the youth who are the future, the nation will not survive.

On other issues, MK Eldad stated that the issue of Iran has been mishandled like so many others. The government has claimed that Iran is an international problem not an Israeli one. Israel should not have ceded responsibility in the matter. By peddling Iran onto the rest of the world, Israel has essentially permitted Iran to become no one’s problem. Israel should have declared Iran to be an imminent, genocidal, nuclear threat. Because Israel cannot contend with Iran with conventional weapons alone, like the US can, it should have threatened to use any other means available to minimize the Iranian threat. The world would have been much more responsive in dealing with Iran had Israel taken this course.

Eldad, like many others, believe the world has found a new way to express Antisemitism less overtly. Now, antisemites are using the “anti-Israel” catchphrase instead. In England, for instance, the strong winds of Antisemitism are blowing in Israel’s direction. The British are cultured, educated, and they love animals just like the Germans did. The Holocaust compelled the world to view the practice of Antisemitism as heinous. Antisemitism, however, is a long embedded and deep seeded. Not even a catastrophic manifestation of Antsemitism, like the Holocaust, can suppress this warped belief system indefinitely. When it eventually bubbles back to the surface, it must find a new outlet of expression. England’s long history of Antisemitism is wearing a new coat these days. British political correctness deems bias against Israel to be perfectly acceptable. The British are rapidly approaching the point of no return.

Israel is not only accountable to Israelis but also to all Jews. The future of Israel’s Jewish character will be determined by the Knesset. If Israelis and Jews do not give Israel the ultimate push it needs to move forward, the situation will worsen until Israel is no more. MK Arieh Eldad is seeking to reverse this tide is. Not supporting his efforts is like abandoning Israel altogether.

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